Dell OpenManage Server Administrator

Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) provides a comprehensive, one-to-one systems management solution in two ways: from an integrated, web browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) and from a command line interface (CLI) through the operating system. Server Administrator is designed for system administrators to manage systems locally and remotely on a network. It allows system administrators to focus on managing their entire network by providing comprehensive one-to-one systems management.

Manuals and Documentation

Dell Systems Management - OpenManage Software Support Matrix (in English)

The Dell Systems Management Software Support Matrix helps identify Dell OpenManage software and other Dell components supported on Dell PowerEdge/PowerVault systems, browsers, and operating systems.

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For Frequently asked Questions about OpenManage Server Administrator – click here (in English)

OMSA Version 7.4 Downloads
OMSA v7.4 can be downloaded from the following links. Please refer Server Administrator Installation Guide and Support Matrix to install these packages on the supported operating system.


        Dell OpenManage 7.4 for Microsoft Windows x86
        Dell OpenManage 7.4 for Microsoft Windows x64

        Dell OpenManage 7.4 for Red Hat Consolidated Package (1264 MB)
        Dell OpenManage 7.4 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (x86) (Distribution Package, 133 MB)
        Dell OpenManage 7.4 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (x64) (Distribution Package, 162 MB)
        Dell OpenManage 7.4 for Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (x64) (Distribution Package, 163 MB)
        Dell OpenManage 7.4 for Novell SuSE Linux ES 11 (Distribution Package, 133 MB)
        Dell OpenManage 7.4 for VMWare ESX 4.1 (Distribution Package, 163 MB)

        Dell OpenManage 7.4 for ESXi 4.1 (5 MB)
        Dell OpenManage 7.4 for ESXi 5.0 (5 MB)
        Dell OpenManage 7.4 for ESXi 5.1 (6 MB)
        Dell OpenManage 7.4 for ESXi 5.5 (6MB)

To use the ESXi VIB with VMWare vSphere application, you can utilize the packages from Dell VMWare depot.
        Dell OpenManage 7.4 from VMWare Depot (Download OMSA VIBs for different ESXi versions)
        Dell OpenManage 7.4 for Dell VMWare Depot (SSL)

XenServer (Supplemental Pack):
        Dell OpenManage 7.4 for XenServer (65 MB)
IMPORTANT – Version 7.4 Enhancements

Dell has released OMSA with the following fixes and enhancements from the 7.4 block release:
    1. OME 1.21 Broadcom firmware update reports failed in OM Essentials, but is actually successful
    2. OMSA 7.4 x86 MST.SYS service could not start with critical syslog error in Windows event log
    3. OMSA 7.4 dsm_sa_datamgr64 exception with 3rd party Sentinel HASP USB dongle/drivers
    4. When a M820 system is migrated from M1000e to VRTX chassis, OMSA data manager crashes
    5. R220_EST:Data Manager crashes while creating RAID 50 virtual disk via OMSA
    6. Various SFCB-DCIM memory leaks
    7. Wmiprvse.exe is crashing on Windows 2012 when accessing OMSAx64 7.x dccim64 IM_DiscreteSensor


    OMSA for ESX 4.1 Click here
    OMSA for RHEL5 Click here
    OMSA for RHEL6 Click here
    OMSA for SLES 11 Click here
    OMSA for Windows - 32 bit Click here
    OMSA for Windows - 64bit Click here