Support Live Image

A bootable live image with a collection of Dell tools for your support needs.

Support Live Image is a compilation of common support, serviceability and update tools for your PowerEdge, PowerEdge C and PowerVault products. These tools are delivered in the Community ENTerprise Operating System (CentOS) live environment making Support Live Image use well suited for the following scenarios:

  • Running an unsupported or corrupt operating system
  • Having misconfigured RAID
  • Experiencing an inability to install the tools into your existing operating system

The CentOS Live Image gives you access to all the tools and utilities available in regular CentOS installations. Many of the services are pre-configured to allow you to do things such as remote desktop to a machine booted in the Support Live Image and transfer files to and from a machine booted into the Support Live Image via HTTP, FTP and Samba.

Additionally, Support Live Image allows you access to many Dell tools including the following:

  • Asset Tag Utility: The Asset Tag Utility provides the ability to read and display the FRU fields Asset Tag, Service Tag, and PPID. It also provides the capability to update the Asset Tag field.
  • OMSA: OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) allows system administrators to manage individual servers from an integrated, web-browser-based graphical-user-interface (GUI) and from a command-line interface (CLI) through the operating system. Server Administrator is designed for system administrators to manage systems locally and remotely on a network.
  • DSET: Dell System E-support Tool (DSET) provides the ability to collect hardware, storage and operating system information from a Dell PowerEdge server.
  • 32-bit Diagnostics: 32-bit Diagnostics is designed to verify proper operation of the hardware in your Dell PowerEdge or Dell PowerEdge C system outside of a high-level operating system environment.
  • SUU: Server Update Utility is an application for identifying and applying updates to your Dell PowerEdge system or to view the updates available for any system supported by SUU.
  • iDRAC Evaluation License Utility: This utility is for customers who have recently replaced the motherboard and need to reinstall the iDRAC7 Enterprise license locally (with no network connectivity) and activate the dedicated NIC. This utility installs a 30-day trial iDRAC7 Enterprise license and allows the user to reset the iDRAC from shared NIC to dedicated NIC

Common uses of Support Live Image are running DSET to provide Dell Technical Support with the information needed to solve your support issues, using diagnostics tools to diagnose your hardware, performing firmware and BIOS updates in the provided safe environment and managing PowerEdge Cloud updates and utilities.

NOTE: Support Live Image is a replacement for OMSA Live CD and a rebranding of DSP SLI.

Download Support Live Image onto a DVD, Flash Drive or external Hard Drive in order to begin accessing Dell tools for your support needs within the CentOS live environment.

Download Support Live Image User's Guide