Dell DataSafe Online

                                                        Dell™ DataSafe Online Service Announcement

Dell DataSafe Online service will be discontinued on June 4, 2015. Dell will service your existing account to its full term.

In anticipation of account expiration, please take this opportunity to download your data from your Dell DataSafe Online account onto your computer. Your data will be permanently deleted from the Dell™ DataSafe Online system no fewer than 30 days after your account expiration.

                                                                Frequently asked questions

Question: When will I no longer have access to my data on DSO?
Your data will be available to you for at least 30 days after your account expires. Please go to to access and retrieve your data.

Question: How can I retrieve my data?
As a Dell DataSafe Online customer, you can use the online portal to access and retrieve your data.

The restore feature available through the online portal ( will allow you to download your data to any Windows PC.

              Note: Depending on the number of files you have selected and the number of times you 
             have backed them up, it may take several minutes to several hours to retrieve your data.

Restore Process for DSO 1.1 users

Please follow the steps below to access and retrieve your data.  

  1.  Log into DataSafe 
  2.  Choose Restore my files in the left side of the home screen
  3.  Choose which files you want to restore
  4.  Choose where you would like to put the restored files and click Next

If you want to restore the files to another location such as an external device or 
             DVD, ensure the device is connected and choose I will specify and alternate location. 
              Click Browse and select the location to put the files. Click Next.

   5.  Click Restore Files Now to start the process            

Restore Process for DSO 2.0 users

Please visit for detailed instructions

Question: What will happen to my data after I no longer have access to my account?
After June 4, 2015, Dell DataSafe service will be discontinued and no access will be provided. All stored data will be purged from the Dell DataSafe Online system

Question: What if I do not retrieve my data by the time my account expires?
Your data will be available to you for at least 30 days after your account expires. After that time, your data will be purged from the system. We recommend that you download a copy of your data before your account expires.

Question: Do you recommend any other backup options?
We recommend Dell Backup and Recovery as a reliable backup option for Dell Customers.Please visit this link for more information.

Question: Can I keep my existing Dell DataSafe Online account?
Answer: Dell is permanently discontinuing this program. You will be able to maintain your account until its current expiration date. 

Question: Can I get a refund if I cancel my account prior to expiration?
Answer: While you will not be able to renew your contract for an additional term, you are welcome to use your account for the full term of your current contract.