Dell Backup and Recovery Premium

Dell Backup and Recovery Premium and Cloud

By upgrading Dell Backup and Recovery, you acquire an impressive array of tools for protecting and restoring your computer. These additional features allow you to back up your entire system including your applications and settings, continuously protect your personal files, and even back up your data securely to the cloud.

Purchase Dell Backup and Recovery Premium for more complete protection

  • Create a full system back up (including applications and settings)
  • Continuously back up files to minimize data loss
  • Merge multiple backups and archive old backups
  • Back up and restore files based on type


Please note:
The Premium version is for local backup only (to a hard drive or USB drive) and does not include cloud storage. The Cloud Storage option is a separate option that can be used to back up your personal data online and does not require the Premium version. Internet access is required in order to use the cloud storage option.

Purchase Cloud Storage for ultimate protection of your important files

  • Continuously back up your files to the cloud (online)
  • Keep multiple versions of your files
  • Restore files from the cloud
  • Use all of these features with either the Basic or Premium version
  • Choose from 10GB of online storage up to 1TB!


More about Dell Backup and Recovery Cloud Storage Option

  • Backing up to the cloud is a great way to ensure that your most precious personal, financial and work files are protected securely on the cloud in case your system is lost or inaccessible.
  • When you backup to the cloud, you can restore your files to the same system if you lose them or migrate your files to a new Dell system. You can also choose to restore the most recent or older versions of your files as it will keep several of your most recent versions. The data you select can then be backed up to the cloud: on demand, on a schedule, or continuously.
  • By purchasing one of our Cloud Storage options (ranging from 10GB to 1TB) from within the Dell Backup and Recovery Application, you can back up your files to the cloud continuously or on a schedule.
  • Security of your data on the cloud is paramount. With the Cloud Storage option, your data is protected with 448-bit blowfish encryption before it is transmitted online and again on the cloud storage server so you can be confident that your data will not be compromised.
Purchasing Dell Backup and Recovery Premium or Cloud Storage

From the Home screen of the Dell Backup and Recovery Application, click the appropriate upgrade link to guide you through the benefits and purchase process.

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