SupportAssist for PCs and tablets

All the support and information you need to manage your PCs and tablets

SupportAssist, previously called My Dell, provides system updates, detects issues and sends you alerts based on your device, which makes solving and preventing problems easier than ever. This application gives you access to everything you need to take the guesswork out of maintaining PCs and tablets.

Available for customers that want to take care of a single device at home or manage multiple devices for an organization, SupportAssist reduces customer effort and accelerates time to resolution. Results from a recent study show the quantitative advantages our business customers will experience.

Third-party lab results showed a 58% reduction in the number of steps to issue resolution and an 84% reduction in time spent on the phone* with SupportAssist.

Source: Third-party lab testing with Principled Technologies (Tech Support process compared against HP & Lenovo), Oct 2014

For home and business users, see FAQs here. For servers and storage products, visit our dedicated portal page here.




SupportAssist Features

SupportAssist provides personalized support with features that help you resolve problems and prevent new ones.

  • Alerts and updates: Receive updates and notification alerts to help keep your system up to date and running efficiently. You can easily set up SupportAssist to periodically assess your device when you’re connected to the internet to check for software upgrades, driver updates, and patches. 
  • Customized support: SupportAssist automatically locates your Service Tag number, PC model number, Express Service Code, as well as your warranty information. This ensures that you get detection of issues, alerts and resolution for your specific device.
  • Predictive issue resolution for failure prevention – for IT staff managing end user devices for organizations, now access Dell’s leading predictive feature and prevent issues before they happen. Initially available for batteries and hard drives only, customers with ProSupport Plus for PCs and tablets will receive alerts communicating a part is about to fail.
How to get SupportAssist:

  1. SupportAssist is preinstalled on all new Dell home PCs and tablets. Simply search your device for “SupportAssist” and run the application.
  2. If your device did not come with SupportAssist preinstalled or you want to reinstall make sure that your device meets the minimum system requirements and then follow the “how to install” instructions below.
  3. If you would like to monitor multiple devices with SupportAssist for PCs and tablets, simply deploy a common configuration across your organization’s devices. Information on how to configure this capability is available in the Dell SupportAssist Deployment Guide.


Minimum System Requirements:
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Processor: 1.33 gigahertz (GHz)
  • Memory: 512 megabytes (MB)
  • Hard disk space: 512 megabytes (MB)
  • Display: 1024X768 screen resolution, 16-bit mode
  • Connectivity: Internet access required
  • Administrator rights on system installed
How to install SupportAssist on a PC or tablet:

Use SupportAssist on your systemUse SupportAssist to manage multiple systems for an organization
1. Download application and run the installation program.1. Identify and delegate your organization’s Administrator or person’s you want to include as primary contacts.
2. If you’re prompted to allow the program to make changes to your computer, click Yes.2. Download the SupportAssist installation package
Download the SupportAssist Agent installer file
To configure and manage multiple end user systems, see the next step.
3. The SupportAssist Installation dialog box will appear and show the installation progress.3. Use the Deployment Guide for steps on installing and configuring SupportAssist to manage cases centrally through
4. When the SupportAssist installation is complete,click Finished.Note: Dell will not collect your Service Tag and system configuration information unless you enable it. Allowing Dell to collect this information, you will receive the benefits of faster phone or chat support for your device’s hardware and software. You can change your usage information and Service Tag settings at any time by going to the Setup Manager menu within the SupportAssist application.
5. To open SupportAssist, click Start, type SupportAssist in the search box and then click the SupportAssist icon (a white wrench in a blue circle.)
6. On the SupportAssist Settings menu, select both check boxes and click OK to allow Dell to provide automatic software updates and collect your system information for personalized support. If you’re reinstalling or upgrading SupportAssist, you will not be prompted again to allow updates and alerts.

How will IT users receive alerts when monitoring multiple devices?

Customers who wish to use SupportAssist PCs and tablets to receive alerts from monitoring on multiple devices will need to enroll for a Dell TechDirect account. The Dell SupportAssist Deployment Guide explains how to create a configuration file matching the credentials aligned to your Dell My Account and TechDirect account.

TechDirect offers you the capability to receive incoming alerts and manage how you review or forward them to Dell Technical Support. The end-users on devices being monitored in a multiple device configuration will not receive alerts on the system. ProSupport services warranties (ProSupport, ProSupport Plus and ProSupport Flex) purchased for each device will enable additional capabilities to automatically direct alerts to Dell Technical Support.



SupportAssist and Your Privacy

Dell will not collect any of your computer use information outside of SupportAssist, such as internet use or personal files. Moreover, we will not sell any information we collect in connection with SupportAssist or otherwise disclose the information for commercial purposes. For more information, see SupportAssist PCs and tablets FAQs and Dell’s Privacy Policy.