Expired Warranty Service

We’re still here to help you after your warranty has expired. Take advantage of our out-of-warranty service plans.

Warranty Status

Is your product covered under warranty? Check your warranty status now and find out when it expires.

Ownership Transfer

Purchased a used Dell product or moved to another country? Transfer the ownership and/or warranty from one person to another or from one country to another.

Warranty Extension & Upgrade

Feel confident that your products are protected and that you have the right level of support. Extend or upgrade your warranty before it expires.

Service Contracts

Find information on the business agreement covering the maintenance and servicing of your products.

Retail Registration

Purchased a Dell product at a retail store? Register your product to validate your limited hardware warranty and get more personalized support.

Warranty Parts Return

If your Dell product is under warranty and is having a part replaced, learn how to return the failing part to Dell.