Lasso is a collection tool that provides a snapshot view of infrastructure, including: Servers, Enclosures (M1000e and VRTX) and Network (Storage Area Network (SAN), Local Area Network (LAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS)) equipment in an easy to consume report.

In mid-2017, Lasso will be retired and replaced by SupportAssist Enterprise. SupportAssist Enterprise offers the same easy to use collection capability, but can also be used for automated proactive and predictive support. Until Lasso is retired, both tools will be available for use.

SupportAssist Enterprise can be downloaded here:

SupportAssist Enterprise Windows management server
SupportAssist Enterprise Linux management server 

Additional SupportAssist documentation including the supported products list and user guide can be found here, or visit the SupportAssist for enterprise systems page for more information. 

Lasso can be downloaded here:
Lasso software
Lasso User documents