How to find the service tag on a Dell printer.


The Dell service tag is a seven character identifier that is unique to your product. In addition to the service tag, there is an Express Service Code which is a 10-digit numeric version of the service tag which can be typed into a telephone for call routing. While most Dell products have a service tag, some accessories and peripherals do not. As a general rule, desktop and notebook computers, servers and storage devices, printers, and mobile devices (such as phones or tablets) will have a service tag.


Dell has Inkjet, All-in-One, Laser, and mobile printers. The service tag on the printer can be in a variety of locations depending on the model and type:


On smaller inkjet printers or mobile printers, look for the service tag on the bottom of the case.


On All-in-One inkjet printers, the service tag is usually found inside the printer by raising the lid.

Printers    Printers

Some laser printers will have the service tag label inside the toner compartment.


Some laser printers will have the service tag label on the back of the printer.


In some laser printers, the toner compartment is accessed from the front rather than the side and the service tag label can be found there.