Warranty Parts Return

Depending on your purchased service contract and the part, your coverage may include a part sent to your address or the dispatch of a technician to replace the part. View your service contract for specific details and procedures. View warranty terms and conditions to see if your part is covered.

Unless Dell notifies you otherwise, when receiving a replacement warranty part, you are responsible for returning the defective part to Dell within 10 days of receipt of the replacement part. Each shipped replacement part includes a packing slip that provides you with information about how to return the defective part it replaces. Failure to return the defective part within 10 days may result in the suspension of your warranty service or charges for the then-current standard price for that part.

Return your defective parts to Dell using the provided FedEx Ground waybill by following these steps:


Place the parts you are replacing in the box received. Prevent damage during shipping by carefully packing the parts. Seal the box.


Place the supplied return label on the outside of the box over the original shipping label.


FedEx Ground waybill:

  • Fill out the Sender information in the section titled “From.”
  • Write the order reference number (sometimes called DPS number and found on your packing slip) in the section titled “RA.”
  • Leave the Special Instructions field blank.
  • Either call 1-800-GOFEDEX (1-800-463-3339) to arrange a pickup or drop off the package  at an authorized FedEx shipping location. For a local FedEx location, go to: http://www.fedex.com/us.

FedEx SmartPost label:


Keep a record of your return Ground waybill or SmartPost number for tracking.

If you need to request an extension, a replacement return waybill, or would like to know how to pay for a part, contact us:

Review video for instructional details on how to return service parts to Dell here.

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NOTE: Before you return storage hardware (CPU, hard disks) or devices containing storage hardware to us, make sure to back up your data. Remove any confidential, proprietary or personal information, and removable media such as floppy disks, CDs or PC Cards. We are not responsible for your confidential, proprietary or personal information; lost or corrupted data; or damaged or lost removable media.