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Dell Client Configuration Toolkit, v., A00
The Dell Client Configuration Tool Kit is provided to configure BIOS options.
Release Date 7/31/2009
Importance: Optional
Version: A00

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The Dell Client Configuration Tool Kit is provided to configure BIOS options.

Level of Importance:Optional

Dell recommends the customer review specifics about the update to determine if it applies to your system. The update contains changes that impact only certain configurations, or provides new features that may/may not apply to your environment.


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Operating Systems
Red Hat Ent Linux 5

Applies to

  • Client Configuration Toolkit

Fixes & Enhancements

Initial release.

Installation instructions

Custom Instructions for cctk-linux-1.0.0-108.tar.gz:

Ensure that you have:
• The CCTK installation file (cctk-linux-a.b.c-buildnum.tar.gz)
• A Linux work station

Use the following procedure to install CCTK on a Linux system:
NOTE: You should be a user with root privileges to install CCTK.
1. Download the cctk-linux-a.b.c-buildnum.tar.gz file from the
Dell Support website at and save it on your system.
2. Untar the file.
tar -zxvf cctk-linux-a.b.c.-buildnum.tar.gz
The file contains the following: srvadmin-omilcore-6.0.1-800.i386.rpm,
srvadmin-ipmi-6.0.1-800.DUP.i386.rpm, srvadmin-hapi-6.0.1-800.i386.rpm,
and cctk-1.0.0-buildnum.i386.rpm.
3. Install the RPMs in the following order:
rpm –ivh srvadmin-ipmi-6.0.1-800.DUP.i386.rpm
rpm –ivh srvadmin-omilcore-6.0.1-800.i386.rpm
rpm –ivh srvadmin-hapi-6.0.1-800.i386.rpm
rpm –ivh cctk-linux-1.0.0-1.i386.rpm
4. Using the command prompt, navigate to the /opt/dell/toolkit/bin
directory to run the CCTK commands.
Custom Instructions for cctk-linux-1.0.0-108.tar.gz.sign: 

This is a sign file which could be used along with the cctk-linux-a.b.c-buildnum.tar.gz file.            


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