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Wave Systems Corp EMBASSY Trust Suite, v., A03
Wave Systems Corp EMBASSY Trust Suite, v., A03
Release Date 8/20/2013
Importance: Optional

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Wave Systems Corp EMBASSY Trust Suite, v., A03

Level of Importance:Optional

Dell recommends the customer review specifics about the update to determine if it applies to your system. The update contains changes that impact only certain configurations, or provides new features that may/may not apply to your environment.

Important Information

NOTE: This release no longer contains device drivers for devices such as TPM, SmartCard controller or fingerprint readers. In order to ensure full functionality, individual drivers have been posted for these devices and must be installed separately


Latitude D530
Latitude D630c
Latitude XT
Operating Systems
MS Windows Vista 32-bit
MS Windows XP

Applies to

  • Wave Systems Corp EMBASSY Trust Suite

Fixes & Enhancements

Initial ETS Dell 2.1 release will include: First Run Wizard Updates: Separate Fingerprint Enrollment Wizard The fingerprint enrollment wizard will launch automatically on user login upon detection of a fingerprint device where the current user has no enrolled fingerprints The first page of the Fingerprint Enrollment wizard will have an Opt Out checkbox, a cancel, and a next button Cancelling or completing the wizard with the opt out checkbox selected will suppress subsequent automatic launch of the fingerprint enrollment wizard regardless of the fingerprint enrollment status First Run Wizard with numbered steps and status bar The wizard status bar shall be modified so that no scrolling is necessary The wizard links will be modified as follows: Blue with single underline for external hyperlinks Black with dotted underline for click pop-ups and mouse over pop-ups Descriptions will be added for Benefits of enabling the TPM, Owner Password, and Master Password More Information link will be moved to the lower left corner Prerequisites link will move upper right side of screen under title and above text ETS Quick Start Guide on-line link will be removed ESC Updates: A help button or link will be added to the static portion of the U/I that launches ESC help ESC and associated dialogs reviewed and updated for consistent terminology. A link will be added for fingerprint enrollment. Secure Login Updates: Will substantially reduce the amount of time users must wait upon login, return from suspend and return from hibernate Updating User PoliciesPlease Wait Dictionary Attack Status/Reset: When the TPM reports a locked status due to dictionary attack, the ESC TPM status bar will display the string TPM Locked in red. The help text (blue question mark) will have the following text added to the end When the status is TPM Locked, go to the Status Tab of the Trusted Platform Module section for information on unlocking the TPM Trusted Drive (dependent upon Seagate/MS Vista fix) Dell PBA TDM Co-existence use cases outlined below


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