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Dell OptiPlex System BIOS, A12
Optiplex Gn /Gn+ /N A12 FlashBIOS
Release Date 11/6/2000
Importance: Optional
Version: A12

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Optiplex Gn /Gn+ /N A12 FlashBIOS

Level of Importance:Optional

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OptiPlex N
Operating Systems

Applies to

  • Dell Device
  • OptiPlex System BIOS

Fixes & Enhancements

Dell Computer Corporation Copyright (C) 1998, All Rights reserved. BIOS Release Notes **************************************************************************************** Systems: OptiPlex Gn/Gn+, Gn/Gn+ EM, N Revision: A12 Date: 23 Jun 2000 X51 became release A12. 1. Added the service tag to TYPE 1 for SMBIOS calls. **************************************************************************************** Systems: OptiPlex Gn/Gn+, Gn/Gn+ EM, N Revision: A11 Date: 22 Feb 2000 X50 became release A11. 1. Fixed date in system setup. 2. Added > 8.4 gig hard drive support. 3. Modified the Sleep State Packages. 4. Updated the copyright to 2000. 5. Updated 3com9055 code. 6. Added fix for Teac CD-ROM power on problem. 7. Fixed issue with European USR Winmodem and memory allocation. **************************************************************************************** Systems: OptiPlex Gn/Gn+, Gn/Gn+ EM, N Revision: A10 Date: 12 Dec 1998 1. Fixed problem with ISA PnP Adaptec SCSI card causing the system to hang. 2. Locked down "TIME" and "DATE" fields when setup password enabled. 3. Added updating the "DATE" fields continuously like the "TIME" fields for Year 2K. 4. Added NIC LSA ROM 0.99j.02 to fix DHCP handoff not finding boot server. 5. Bump OEM revision in ACPI tables. 6. Cmos getting corrupted when SMBIOS disabled the NIC. 7. Reversed SMBIOS UUID bytes 8. Change DIMM error processing to preserve bits for later OS apps. 9. Fixed keyboard hang with scanner wand that attached to the PS/2 port. 10. Fix RTC wake up to wake up on our events, but give precedence to OS events. 11. Remove incorrectly setting of CMOS RSTFLG in RBU code. 12. Smbios Fix to report that the type of caching varies with memory range. 13. Moved mem_ device out of the PCI0 scope to the _sb_ scope. 14. Prevent IRQ1 from getting masked out by the scsi adaptec card. **************************************************************************************** Systems: OptiPlex Gn/Gn+, Gn/Gn+ EM, N Revision: A09 ( A08 was not released) Date: 07 July 1998 1. Fixed problem with CD ROMS and DVD reporting no media on boot. 2. Fixed return flags for PnP Boot Specification BIOS call. 3. Set DMA capability bits for ATAPI and CD-ROM devices on IDE. 4. Do not report erronous drive data for drives > 8.4 GB in setup. 5. Force small delay on re-boot to allow fixed disk to flush cache. 6. Fixed possible fixed disk hang on re-boot when in middle of command. 7. Fixed auto-power-on problems when lost AC power or WIN95/NT shutdown. 8. Fixed setting of sub system vendor ID and sub system device ID for onboard video while also not breaking colorgraphics card. 9. Modified function 88h, e801h, and e820h to properly report memory taking into account ACPI. 10. Added ACPI support. 11. Report proper possible resources for system devices in PnP device nodes. 12. Added LSA version 0.99c.01 which has a fix for NT 5.0 13. Fixed ACPI help screen. 14. Fixed NICROM ON/OFF field to only show up on an EM/N system WITH NIC. 15. Fixed for hitting the power button under 98 and the system powering down instead of coming out of standby mode. 16. Fixed 5-scsi drives cause non-bootable system problem. 17. Added fix for NCR LCD display. 18. Added D3/D0 state fix for broken card. 19. OS/2 Fast Keyboard Cmos bit. ( default off, hit alt-f to turn on, and reset your CMOS settings, once on, it's always on). 20. Changed printer init to 1 ms for some slow older printers. 21. Added Dac Snoop On/Off option in CMOS setup. 22. Added Enabling/Disabling the NIC option ROM in CMOS setup. 23. SMBIOS 2.2 support and Remote Boot Update support. 24. Allow DMA channels 1-3 for Parallel in PnP device node. 25. Added TI Permedia video chip to bad DAC snoop table. 26. Added Virge VX S3 988 chip to bad DAC snoop table. 27. Lowered LBA threshold for big drives to fix


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