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Dell 11G CPLD, v.1.5.0, A01
This file provides the CPLD v.1.5.0 release to support R910 II new features.
Release Date 1/12/2012
Importance: Urgent
Version: 1.5.0,A01

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Description: This file format consists of a BIOS-executable file. To use it, download the file and copy it to a DOS-bootable USB flash drive, then boot the system to the USB flash drive and run the program.
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Previous Versions

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This file provides the CPLD v.1.5.0 release to support R910 II new features.

Level of Importance:Urgent

Dell highly recommends applying this update as soon as possible. The update contains changes to improve the reliability and availability of your Dell system.

Important Information

It is recommended to review the "Intel Xeon Processor E7-2800/4800/8800 Product Family Information Update" before installing this firmware. This document can be downloaded at:'s%20Guide4_en-us.pdf?c=us&l=en&cs=&s=gen


External OEMR R910
PowerEdge R910
Operating Systems
Not Applicable

Applies to

  • 11G CPLD

Fixes & Enhancements

Fixes: Fixed update utility support for CPLD version numbers including hex digits 0xA-0xF.

Installation instructions


1. Click 'Download Now' to download the file.
2. Save the driver package to a local location.


1. Place the file onto a DRMK8-compatible bootable disk (e.g., floppy, USB key, etc.)
2. Run "mcpld150" from the command prompt and enter "Y" when prompted to update CPLD.
3. Upon completion of update, press any key to cycle the system for the update to take effect.  (Alternately,  run "mcpld150 -force" to execute the entire sequence without further user intervention.)            


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