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Dell SCSI Hard Drive Firmware Utility, A09
This is a full compilation of all drives and drive firmware supported under SCSI releases. A drive listed in the Fixes/Enhancements secton indicates that it is a new addition to this release. For more details about the other firmware included please download the individual readme file.
Release Date 9/4/2008
Importance: Recommended
Version: A09 See Previous Versions

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Previous Versions

<ul><li><b>Dell Version :</b> A08</li></ul>
8/10/2007 2:21:38 PM


This is a full compilation of all drives and drive firmware supported under SCSI releases. A drive listed in the Fixes/Enhancements secton indicates that it is a new addition to this release. For more details about the other firmware included please download the individual readme file.

Level of Importance:Recommended

Dell recommends applying this update during your next scheduled update cycle. The update contains feature enhancements or changes that will help keep your system software current and compatible with other system modules (firmware, BIOS, drivers and software).

Important Information

Do not power cycle your system while the update is in progress


External OEMR 1850
External OEMR 2800
External OEMR 2850
External OEMR 850
PowerEdge 1500SC
PowerEdge 1600SC
PowerEdge 1650
PowerEdge 1750
PowerEdge 1800
PowerEdge 1850
PowerEdge 1855
PowerEdge 1900
PowerEdge 1950
PowerEdge 1955
PowerEdge 2600
PowerEdge 2650
PowerEdge 2800
PowerEdge 2850
PowerEdge 2900
PowerEdge 2950
PowerEdge 2970
PowerEdge 4600
PowerEdge 600SC
PowerEdge 650
PowerEdge 6600
PowerEdge 6650
PowerEdge 6800
PowerEdge 6850
PowerEdge 700
PowerEdge 750
PowerEdge 800
PowerEdge 830
PowerEdge 840
PowerEdge 850
PowerEdge 860
PowerEdge SC 430
PowerEdge SC 440
PowerEdge SC1420
PowerEdge SC1425
PowerEdge SC1430
PowerEdge SC1435
PowerVault 220S (SCSI)
PowerVault 221S (SCSI)
Precision 380
Precision 470
Precision 670
Operating Systems
Not Applicable

Applies to

  • SCSI Hard Drive Firmware Utility

Fixes & Enhancements

Fixes: This is a general maintenance release for SCSI drives. All former firmware releases for all supported SCSI hard drives have been compiled onto one release. Review the text file for information about fixes supported on this release. This version corrects hang issue found with PERC6/i and PERC5/i controllers after they have been updated to v.6.0.1-0080 and 5.2.1-0067, respectively. Seagate 10K7 and 15K4 SCSI New D405/D705 Firmware is available for Seagate 10K7 and 15K4 SCSI. This release addresses multiple minor fixes for data error handling, detection, and correction, and incorporates changes included in D404/D704, and will update Seagate Cheetah 10K.7 drive model to firmware version D705 and Cheetah 15K.4 drive models to firmware version D405, respectively. With D403/D703, under certain rare circumstances a command timeout can possibly lead to drives being taken off-line, or cause the drive to post a SMART trip. Two changes are related to these timeout conditions: 1) idleoperation and commands not being processed properly leading to possible timeout conditions 2) particular error recovery taking longer than timeouts allow. Seagate 15K.5 SCSI New D507 Firmware available for Seagate 15K.5 Parallel SCSI Hard Disk Drives This is a general maintenance release that addresses multiple error handling and recovery enhancements and fixes that are considered to be corner cases but could impact overall performance of the drive. It is an optional upgrade that may be performed for maintenance or troubleshooting reasons. Fujitsu 10LX SCSI New 5E03 Firmware is available for Fujitsu 10LX SCSI Hard Disk Drives. This is a general maintenance release that has improved Write recovery, error handling and reporting. Enhancements: N/A

Installation instructions

Custom Instructions for DELL_SCSI-HARD-DRIVE-FIRMWAR_A09_R182831.EXE:

NOTE: In order to create the Hard drive firmware update media using this package, this file must be downloaded to and executed on a system running Microsoft Windows. This package can be used to create a bootable USB flash drive, CD, or hard drive image.


1. Select the download method you want to use to retrieve the file - either HTTP or FTP.
2. If the Export Compliance Disclaimer window appears, read the agreement and then select either "I agree" or "I disagree".
3. When the File Download window appears, click Save.
4. From the Save As dialog, select a location and a file name then click "Save".
5. If a Download Complete window appears, click Close.

Hard Drive Firmware Media Creation

1. Browse to the location where you downloaded the file and double-click it to extract the diagnostic files and start the distribution application.
2. Verify that you have the correct diagnostic package by reviewing the information on the dialog box that appears then click Continue.
3. Specify the location to unzip the files.
4. Click on the OK button to extract files. After the files are extracted, a message should appear indicating that all files were successfully unzipped.
5. Click the OK button to start the Hard Drive Firmware Package. Follow the on screen prompts to create the media desired.

CD Media Creation

1. Follow your CD writing software vendor's instructions to create a CD from the downloaded .ISO file. 

Note: If CD media is viewed using Windows explorer, only the file Booting.txt will be visible. This CD was created using hard-disk emulation.

Running the Hard Drive Firmware Update Utility

1. Insert the media you created.
2. Boot the computer. (You may have to configure the boot order in BIOS setup to boot the media you created before other devices.)
3. Follow the screen prompts to update your drive firmware.

There will be a readme.txt file for DDDP usage and a R162703.txt text file fordrives affected in the location you selected to unzip the files that contains additional and late breaking information. If you need to run the Delivery Package again, you can run the file DDDP.exe from that same location.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Custom Instructions for R182831.txt: 

1) Click Download now.
   The File Download window appears.

2) Click the Save button.
   The Save As window appears.

3) Select Desktop using the drop-down menu to the right of Save in.

4) Click the Save button.
   A progress meter moves as the download is completed.

5) If necessary, click X in the upper right-hand corner of the Download Progress Window to close it upon completion.

6) Double click the Icon on your desktop for the newly saved file.
   The Dell Bios Release Notes window appears.            


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