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Accton HP Switch, v., A03
This self-extracting file contains PE1655MC network switch firmware Rev A02.
Release Date 5/26/2004
Importance: Recommended
Version:,A03 See Previous Versions

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Previous Versions

1.1, A02
<ul><li><b>Vendor Version :</b> 1.1</li><li><b>Dell Version :</b> A02</li></ul>
10/21/2003 10:48:38 AM


This self-extracting file contains PE1655MC network switch firmware Rev A02.

Level of Importance:Recommended

Dell recommends applying this update during your next scheduled update cycle. The update contains feature enhancements or changes that will help keep your system software current and compatible with other system modules (firmware, BIOS, drivers and software).

Important Information

Using this release, do not configure two 2-port static link aggregated channels on the same PE1655 switch blade and connect the two channels into same VLAN or broadcast domain. Fixes: Runtime operation code v1.0.22.5 May 06, 2004 -------------------------------- 1. Problem: After multiple times of cable failover and failback on trunk ports, Link/Activity LEDs of trunk ports are malfunctioning. Root cause: In the V1.0.22.4, the "value" of the if index is pass to the API, SWCTRL_TrunkIDToLogicalPort. This is wrong. It should pass "address" of the ifindex to this API. Otherwise the ifindex will not get the correct value and if the ifindex is equal to zero, then the following API, VLAN_MGR_IsPortVlanMember will have some trouble. It will try to use an illegal value as index of array and this will cause "exception". When this happen, the local console will display some exception message and the LED will become abnormal. Fix: Add a "&" before the ifindex. Also add more code to make sure when the ifindex is not in the correct range, it will not go on to call VLAN_MGR_IsPortVlanMember. 2. Problem: A typo as described below: "Failed to remove untaged list on ethernet 1/7", "untaged" misses a "g". It should be "untagged". Root cause: typo. Fix: Correct the "untaged" into "untagged" Runtime operation code v1.0.22.4 March 22, 2004 -------------------------------- Fixed issues: 1. Problem: A client couldn't ping server blades through either static or LACP trunk after LOM was disabled and re-enabled in the case of Windows OS. Root cause: In static/LACP trunk configuration, the previous version (v1.0.22.3) did not add the trunk ports into the MultiPortMap. Because of this, the switch didn't allow arp or other broadcast types of packets to be sent to the trunk ports. When the server LOM was disabled and re-enabled, it's arp table got cleared up, the server LOM could still receive the ICMP ping request, since it didn't know the client's mac after re-enabled, it sent out arp, but couldn't get reply due to the cause stated. Hence, the client ping timed out. Solution: Added the trunk ports into the MultiPortMap. Runtime operation code v1.0.22.3 Feb. 11, 2004 -------------------------------- Fixed issues: 1. Problem: If an Ethernet frame with source MAC address of all FFFF's was learned by the switch, the multicast map table was changed. This caused loss of network connectivity to server blade. The source of the illegal fames is not generated by this switch blade. It is generated somewhere of the outside network. Root cause: This is a chip-level issue within the switching controller ASIC B5632/33 Ax stepping family. An ingress packet with MACSA = multicast/broadcast, the packet address is learnt as a unicast frame. Hence, when aging is enabled, a time stamp (TSTAMP) field gets erroneously appended to the Destination Port field to create the multicast bitmap. The time stamp field is initialized to all 0's. When the entry is statistic, the time stamp field remains 0's that causes some bits, which represent switch ports, are 0's. Those ports with 0's will be excluded from the broadcast/multicast and not receive the broadcast/multicast packets. Solution: Added codes in firmware to periodically monitor multicast map table of the switch. When the multicast map table is changed, the firmware re-programs the right value back and overwrite the wrong table. Runtime operation code v1.0.22.2 Nov. 24, 2003 -------------------------------- Fixed issues: 1. Problem: The Link LEDs were always on no matter link existed or not as long as switch powered up. Root cause: In the LED driver, a data structure needs to use UI16_T instead of UI8_T. Otherwise the data sent to the lower layer EPLD was incorrect. Solution: Use the right function UI16_T. Runtime operation code v1.0.22.1 O


PowerEdge 1655MC
Operating Systems
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Applies to

  • HP Switch

Fixes & Enhancements

Initial Release 1. Runtime operation code is updated to v1.0.22.0. Class of Service (CoS) feature is added in this version of runtime operation code. 2. Boot code is updated to This boot code fixes a bug that caused "I2C R/W Test" failure during switch POST when the chassis service tag checksum is equal zero.

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