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Microsoft Storport Version
Important updates to Microsoft Storport
Release Date 4/21/2009
Importance: Urgent
Version: NA,A00

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Important updates to Microsoft Storport

Level of Importance:Urgent

Dell highly recommends applying this update as soon as possible. The update contains changes to improve the reliability and availability of your Dell system.

Important Information

" For best storage controller performance and reliability, it is strongly urged that customers upgrade to the version of storport.sys listed in the attached document. Dell currently tests with and ships factory-installed OSes with this version, and this is the minimum version of the Storport.sys driver that addresses/mitigates all known issues. CAUTION: As with any software/driver upgrade, ensure that the system is properly backed up before applying."


Dell KVM 180AS
Dell KVM 2161DS
Dell KVM 4161DS
External OEMR 1435
External OEMR 1850
External OEMR 1950
External OEMR 2800
External OEMR 2850
External OEMR 2950
External OEMR 2970
External OEMR 850
External OEMR 860
External OEMR R200
External OEMR R300
External OEMR R410
External OEMR R610
External OEMR R710
PowerEdge 1300
PowerEdge 1400SC
PowerEdge 1500SC
PowerEdge 1550
PowerEdge 1600SC
PowerEdge 1650
PowerEdge 1655MC
PowerEdge 1750
PowerEdge 1800
PowerEdge 1850
PowerEdge 1855
PowerEdge 1900
PowerEdge 1950
PowerEdge 1955
PowerEdge 2100
PowerEdge 2200
PowerEdge 2300
PowerEdge 2400
PowerEdge 2450
PowerEdge 2500
PowerEdge 2500SC
PowerEdge 2550
PowerEdge 2600
PowerEdge 2650
PowerEdge 2800
PowerEdge 2850
PowerEdge 2900
PowerEdge 2950
PowerEdge 2970
PowerEdge 300
PowerEdge 3250
PowerEdge 350
PowerEdge 400SC
PowerEdge 4100
PowerEdge 4300
PowerEdge 4350
PowerEdge 4400
PowerEdge 4600
PowerEdge 500SC
PowerEdge 600SC
PowerEdge 6300
PowerEdge 6350
PowerEdge 6400
PowerEdge 6450
PowerEdge 650
PowerEdge 6600
PowerEdge 6650
PowerEdge 6800
PowerEdge 6850
PowerEdge 6950
PowerEdge 700
PowerEdge 7150
PowerEdge 7250
PowerEdge 750
PowerEdge 800
PowerEdge 830
PowerEdge 840
PowerEdge 8450
PowerEdge 850
PowerEdge 860
PowerEdge EL
PowerEdge M1000E
PowerEdge M600
PowerEdge M605
PowerEdge M610
PowerEdge M710
PowerEdge M805
PowerEdge M905
PowerEdge R200
PowerEdge R300
PowerEdge R610
PowerEdge R710
PowerEdge R805
PowerEdge R900
PowerEdge R905
PowerEdge Rack Enclosure 4210
PowerEdge SC 420
PowerEdge SC 430
PowerEdge SC 440
PowerEdge SC1420
PowerEdge SC1425
PowerEdge SC1430
PowerEdge SC1435
PowerEdge SDS 100 (Storage System)
PowerEdge SP 4__
PowerEdge SP 5__
PowerEdge SP 5__-2
PowerEdge SP 575-2
PowerEdge T100
PowerEdge T105
PowerEdge T300
PowerEdge T605
PowerEdge T610
PowerEdge XE 4__
PowerEdge XE 5__
PowerEdge XE 5__-2
Operating Systems
MS Windows 2008 x64
MS Windows 2008 x86
MS Windows Server 2003
MS Windows 2003 x64

Applies to

  • Storport Version (SAS Non-RAID)
  • Storport Version (SAS RAID)
  • Storport Version (SCSI RAID)
  • Storport Version (SCSI non-RAID)
  • Storport Version (Serial ATA)

Fixes & Enhancements

Not Applicable

Installation instructions

1. Download the zip file from the MS link provided on the email
2. Extract the content of the zip file to a known directory using the password 
3. Double click on the *.exe file that was extracted and follow on screen 
   instructions to install the driver.
4. The hotfix will not be active until the system restarts."            


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