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LSI Logic Ultra 320 SCSI Adapter Non-RAID, v.1.09.11(IA-64), A00
LSI Logic PCI SCSI MPT Driver for IA-64 Windows 2003 v1.09.11
Release Date 6/4/2004
Importance: Urgent
Version: 1.09.11(IA-64),A00

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LSI Logic PCI SCSI MPT Driver for IA-64 Windows 2003 v1.09.11

Level of Importance:Urgent

Dell highly recommends applying this update as soon as possible. The update contains changes to improve the reliability and availability of your Dell system.

Important Information

This driver is compatible with embedded LSI 1030 SCSI controller for PE7250 and is intended for use with IA-64 Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition Server.


PowerEdge 7250
Operating Systems
MS Windows Server 2003

Applies to

  • Ultra 320 SCSI Adapter Non-RAID

Fixes & Enhancements

Changes applicable to MPT IO 1020/1030 solutions since native (1.08.18) W2K3 driver: ________________________________ • Added handling for getting a check condition on an OS issued request sense command (no SenseInfoBuffer). • Fixed check of ImageSize for F/W download boot in MPI_DIAG_RESET • Fixed data buffer address calculation for MPI pass through writes on 64-bit platforms (would cause improper data to be written on MPI IOCTL calls). • Fixed problem with access to Manufacturing Page 0 if no NVDATA available (would result in a bluescreen if valid NVDATA was not available). • Added I/O throttling per device to avoid overrunning device queue depths (eliminate multiple Queue Full returns and Event 11/15 errors in event log). • Changed AdapterRestart routine to perform Domain Validation on parallel SCSI. (ensures externally powered U320 drives run at U320 speed on Resume from Standby) • Added checks for NULL pointers on all cached MPI config pages. • Added unmasking of interrupts in LSImpiIsr when processing a doorbell interrupt • Check SCSI Port Page 2 Domain Validation bits to either disable Domain Validation or limit Domain Validation to Inquiry only checks. • Changed LSImpiReset routine to always poll on ISR until reset reply is received.

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