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Dell PowerEdge System C6105 Firmware
Dell PowerEdge System C6105 Firmware
Release Date 1/23/2013
Importance: Recommended
Version: 1.28

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Dell PowerEdge System C6105 Firmware

Level of Importance:Recommended

Dell recommends applying this update during your next scheduled update cycle. The update contains feature enhancements or changes that will help keep your system software current and compatible with other system modules (firmware, BIOS, drivers and software).

Important Information

1. The released file s2gvxxxM.bin is used for: i.use socflash.exe under DOS to update. ii.Use flash writer to pre-program FW into flash before mount on MB in Factory. 2. The release file s2gvxxx.bin is used for upgrading BMC firmware by using web console or kcsflash utility. i. Before using web console or kcsflash utility to upgrade firmware, please make sure the MB fru is exist in the EEPROM. 3. Essential data programming flow for L10 Vendor.


PowerEdge C6105
PowerEdge C6105
Operating Systems
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Applies to

  • Dell Device
  • Dell BMC Firmware
  • NA

Fixes & Enhancements

Cesium FW Release v1.28 Changed/Added: 1. It adjusts TDP power capping accuracy to 5 percentages. 2. BMC should issue 'read data/status command' once SMBus commands was broken. 3. Disable SMBus timeout in SBRMI control register. 4. It should select 'core 0' while BMC issue APML command to CPU. 5. Add a counter to retry 'Set P-state limit' and 'TDP limit' command by avoiding CPU timeout issue. 6. Initialize APML load address to 64bits. Bug Fixed: 1. APML state machine will fault if APML command is not successful. 2. It fix P-state will be setting to 0xff in initial stage even if the current P-state is P0.

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1. Browse to the location where you downloaded the file and double-click the new file to unzip the download package. 
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execute dos.bat to update BMC.            


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EndUser LicenseAgreementType S_Rev. 040512.txt
EndUser LicenseAgreementType S_Rev. 040512.txt
EndUser LicenseAgreementType S_Rev. 040512.txt

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