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Release Date 9/27/2012
Importance: Recommended

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Level of Importance:Recommended

Dell recommends applying this update during your next scheduled update cycle. The update contains feature enhancements or changes that will help keep your system software current and compatible with other system modules (firmware, BIOS, drivers and software).


PowerEdge C6220
PowerEdge C6220
PowerEdge C8000
PowerEdge C8000
Operating Systems
MS Windows 2008 R2

Applies to

  • Dell Device
  • PowerEdge C6220
  • PowerEdge C6220 Planar

Fixes & Enhancements

; AST Windows Release Notes ;=============================================================================== v.0.93.09: ycchen@061711 01.[2008R2] Fixed 1600x1200 60Hz didn't show in the mode list if use ASUS VK247H Monitor v.0.93.08: ycchen@053111 01.[New] [AST2300] Modify MCLK to 396MHz by H/W request v.0.93.07: ycchen@050911 01.[Bug] Fixed it takes too long time to get EDID from EDID failed monitor 02.[New] Set Default Acceleration Level to Full in INF v.0.93.06: ycchen@042911 v.0.93.05: ycchen@040711 01.[Bug] Warm boot test may cause system hanged, ycchen@032811 v.0.93.04: ycchen@030411 01.[New] [AST2300] Modify for DDR3 2Gb Support 02.[New] [AST2300] Slow Down CPU/AHB clock in VGA only mode v.0.93.03: ycchen@021511 01.[New] [AST1180] Add for AST1162 + AST1180, ycchen@012611 02.[Bug] [AST2300] Fixed iKVM Direct Mode Display Abnormal issue if enable Flip, ycchen@011811 03.[New] [AST2300] DRAM Setting Updated by H/W (020811) 04.[New] [AST2100/2150] Enable AST2100/2150 DRAM Calibration by H/W Request (021411) v.0.93.02: ycchen@122410 01.[Bug] Fixed Display Timing not Meet the Requirement of VESA Timing v.0.93.01: ycchen@121410 01.[New][AST2300] Modify CRT Threhold by H/W request 02.[New][AST2300] Disable ASPM for AST2300 VGA Only v.0.93.00: ycchen@121210 01.[Bug] [ASPEED Graphics] Fixed 8bpp support mode list incorrect issue 02.[Bug] [AST1180] Fixed switch media player to full screen mode may cause system hanged 03.[Bug] [AST1160] Disable DAC for DVI out 04.[New] [AST2300] DRAM Setting Updated by H/W (121010) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- v.0.92.02: ycchen@100910 01.[Bug] Fixed wave form issue on 1280x1024 75Hz and 1280x800 60Hz 02.[New] Add for UEFI Graphics Driver support, ycchen@102010 03.[New] [AST2300] DRAM type and size selection based on H/W trapping, ycchen@102010 v.0.92.01: ycchen@090110 01.[PATCH] Fixed can't detect PnP monitor properly if enable thinsoft Betwin for ast1160/1180, ycchen@090110 02.[New] AST1180 OSD Support, ycchen@090210 v.0.92.00: ycchen@081110 01.[New] Add More Mode Info to Scratch for General KVM Need 02.[Bug] Fixed AST1180 Screen no off after shutdowm with Betwin, ycchen@070910 03.[Bug] Fixed AST1180 change resolution too long issue, ycchen@070910 04.[New] Modify for AST1180 performance by H/W request, ycchen@080410 05.[New] Add wide screen support check for iKVM backward compatible 06.[New] Add for AST2300 VGA only 07.[New] Enable E->M since AST2300A1 08.[New] Modify for AST2300 support mode list --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- v.0.91.0A: ycchen@062310 01.[New] Disable XDMA for AST2300 by default 02.[Bug] Disable E2M for AST2300 A0 v.0.91.09: ycchen@062110 01.[New] Add the support for WXGA modes 02.[New] Support AST2300 A0 Chip v.0.91.07: ycchen@040310 01.[Bug] Fixed Driver be stopped on ASUS's platform if run HCT Stressed Test, ycchen@040310 v.0.91.06: v.0.91.05: 01.[New] Modify new 2D reset sequence by H/W request 02.[Bug] Remove VirtualEDID support other than AST2000 03.[Bug] Fixed AST2300 line error issue v.0.91.04: yc_chen@011110 01.[New] Support AST2300 FPGA Boards 02.[New] Add registry for disable mode check (VGA.ulDisableModeCheck) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- v.0.90.07: ycchen@100709 01.[Bug] Fixed driver issue on Windows2000 v.0.90.02: yc_chen@090709 01.[Bug] Modify for AST1160 + AST1180 FPGA, ycchen@090309 02.[Bug] Patch can't shutdown properly on Win7, ycchen@090709 v.0.90.01: yc_chen@082709 01.[Bug] modify bandwidth requirement calculation for ast2100 8bpp modes, ycchen@072709 02.[Bug] fixed passmark performance test x64 - graphics test 640x480 mode hanged issue on ASUS P5B-MX wifi/ap 03.[Bug] Fixed S3 can't resume issue on DELL S99Q, ycchen@080309 04.[New] Modify for AST2150 DRAM default settings v.0.90.00: yc_chen@071409 Bump driver version to

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