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This Firmware is for LSI MegaRAID SAS 9265-8i in PowerEdge C6100, C6105, C6145, C6200 & C6220.
Release Date 9/3/2012
Importance: Recommended

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This Firmware is for LSI MegaRAID SAS 9265-8i in PowerEdge C6100, C6105, C6145, C6200 & C6220.

Level of Importance:Recommended

Dell recommends applying this update during your next scheduled update cycle. The update contains feature enhancements or changes that will help keep your system software current and compatible with other system modules (firmware, BIOS, drivers and software).


PowerEdge C6145
PowerEdge C6145
PowerEdge C8000
PowerEdge C8000
Operating Systems
Not Applicable

Applies to

  • Dell Device
  • BRKT,LSI,9265,BBU,C6145
  • LSI 9265-8i MegaRaid SAS

Fixes & Enhancements

Firmware Enhancements: LSIP200184337 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) TB WebBIOS : Do not let WebBIOS to display "Chip Temperature (Celsius)". LSIP200184339 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) TB FW Re-activate the user option to enable Patrol Read on SSD. LSIP200148755 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) Port to TB - STANDBY IMMEDIATE command to SATA disks during shutdown from OS LSIP200149074 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) TB FW : Change SES Green/Amber LED behavior for particular OEM JBOD enclosure. LSIP200148763 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) TB FW: Do not let WebBIOS to display "BBU Retention Time" and "Estimated Time To Recharge". LSIP200148997 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) Need to correctly identify I2C errors with iBBU08 and beyond LSIP200149017 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) TB Firmware : Alcor-N Global HDD Fault LED doesn't light up/blink in PD Offline/Missing/Rebuildi LSIP200148663 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) MR fw should Enable puncturing for SATA drives LSIP200085360 (CO) iMR TB changes LSIP200146793 (CO) (LSIP200137246) tools to address latency LSIP200122803 (CO) 2208 to support NVCache, update FPGA SPI Flash, and support small cell battery LSIP200148499 (CO) FW to wait for 500us after DRAM_Available assertion LSIP200148500 (CO) FW to take action based on temperature reading from the BMU LSIP200149054 (CO) CR to include Megascu read of BMU version LSIP200136551 (CO) (LSIP200096395) 2208 Firmware needs to release PCIe Retry LSIP200144888 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) Thunderbolt DSW-3 for initial release LSIP200173689 (CO) (LSIP200165396) Tbolt C0/D0 chip recognition LSIP200147510 (CO) (LSIP200165396) Tbolt C0/D0 chip recognition LSIP200104569 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) Mark VD consistent after CC with uncorrectable medium error LSIP200170591 (CO) (LSIP200156073) Add support for Thunderbolt C0/D0 LSIP200173285 (CO) (LSIP200156073) Add support for Thunderbolt C0/D0 LSIP200148752 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) add PCI-E information in fw log LSIP200174086 (CO) (LSIP200156073) Add support for Thunderbolt C0/D0 LSIP200173293 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) FW to take PCI IDs & SAS Address out of SBR or TSOC (OEM selectable per value) LSIP200099802 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) user accessible bad block table LSIP200099806 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) PD status commands under CLI LSIP200099809 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) additional MR diags LSIP200099888 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) Suspend function, resume function. LSIP200099898 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) Suspend / resume background tasks LSIP200099907 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) SSD Cache properties improvements LSIP200099915 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) Rebuild Write Cache LSIP200051086 (CO) (LSIP200013286) MR to support Thunderbolt Dual Core LSIP200075829 (CO) MR to support Thunderbolt Dual Core LSIP200135222 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) SW licensing. Support FoD for PF activations on MegaRAID LSIP200144979 (CO) MR to support Thunderbolt Dual Core 11M02 LSIP200154733 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) Add new Event to notify "Patrol Read Aborted" in MegaRAID FW. LSIP200140142 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) additional MR diags LSIP200099825 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) erase vd function LSIP200099835 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) PD secure erase LSIP200099919 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) Automatic rebuild on "cold" drive replacement LSIP200099846 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) Request to use Unconfigured Good Drives for a HotSpare if no spare defined. LSIP200099857 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) Emergency spare may ignore mixing policies LSIP200099868 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) EHSP - Emergency Hot Spare LSIP200099921 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) EHSP support for cold drive addition LSIP200099878 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) DGs revertible HSP attributes sticky on adoption. LSIP200099764 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) PD diag state - Shield State LSIP200099770 (CO) (auto4comp FW_SAS_LSI) Shield state properties LSIP200099773 (CO) (auto4c

Installation instructions

Use MegaCLI to flash the SAS controllers.  MegaCLI can be downloaded from the support and download
section of

Command syntax:  MegaCli -adpfwflash -f MR_TB_8MB.rom -a0            


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