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Dell PowerVault 35F, D9913D
PowerVault 35F, firmware d9913d
Release Date 2/6/2001
Importance: Optional
Version: d9913d,D9913D See Previous Versions

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Previous Versions

d9908e, D9908E
<ul><li><b>Vendor Version :</b> d9908e</li><li><b>Dell Version :</b> D9908E</li></ul>
2/6/2001 10:23:19 AM


PowerVault 35F, firmware d9913d

Level of Importance:Optional

Dell recommends the customer review specifics about the update to determine if it applies to your system. The update contains changes that impact only certain configurations, or provides new features that may/may not apply to your environment.

Important Information

After updating the firmware, Dell recommends you reboot the PowerVault 35F.


PowerVault 35F (Fibre Channel Bridge)
Operating Systems
Not Applicable

Applies to

  • PowerVault 35F

Fixes & Enhancements

This release resolves a Netware issue in which the Veritas Backup Exec v8.5 startup sequence may hang with "Initializing Tape Hardware" when configured in a shared storage (SSO) environment.

Installation instructions

PowerVault 35F Firmware Download Instructions

The PowerVault 35F can either use FTP, TFTP or a serial connection (using 
the XMODEM protocol) to update the firmware. In order to update the 
firmware via the serial connection, the PowerVault 35F must be connected 
to a terminal emulation program supporting XMODEM transfers. This menu 
item does not appear when accessing the configuration menus through Telnet.

1. Download and run the file D9913D.EXE.  This will extract the contents 
of the archive to a temporary directory (i.e. x:\Dell\Drivers\PV35F\).

2. Decide the method for firmware download (FTP, TFTP, or Serial 
Connection) and proceed to the appropriate instructions.

FTP Method

1. Make sure your PowerVault 35F is connected to a network and the IP 
address is set properly.

2. Start your FTP program using the PowerVault 35F’ s IP address.  Type 
ftp (IP address).

NOTE: The default IP address is  See your PowerVault 35F User’s 
Manual for instructions on changing the IP address.

3. Use root as the user name and password as the password.

NOTE: This is the default user name and password for the PowerVault 35F.  
If you have changed the user name or password, then use the updated 
settings in place of the default settings.

4. Specify binary mode by typing bin.

5. Specify the firmware’s path and filename with the put command.  Type 
put (path:filename).

The file will transfer and the PowerVault 35F will reboot. The PowerVault 
35F is now using the new firmware.

NOTE: You may want to confirm the new firmware level by checking the 
PowerVault 35F’s reboot messages through the serial interface.

TFTP Method

1. Make sure your PowerVault 35F is connected to a network and the IP 
address is set properly.

2. At the command line, type the following tftp -i (IP address) put 

The file transfer process will begin. The PowerVault 35F will 
automatically reboot upon completion of the download.

NOTE: You may want to confirm the new firmware level by checking the 
PowerVault 35F’ s reboot messages through the serial interface.

Serial Port (Terminal Emulator)

NOTE: For quicker downloading, configure the PowerVault 35F and the 
terminal emulator utility session connected to it (such as Hyperterminal) 
to run at 115200.

1. Establish a Serial Connection to the PowerVault 35F.  Refer to the 
PowerVault 35F User’s Manual for the serial port settings.

2. From the Advanced Options menu, select the Download a new revision of 
the Firmware command to start the download procedure.

3. When you confirm the download, the PowerVault 35F will start the 
download process.

4. Use the Transfer -> Send File option in the terminal emulator utility.

5. Select the location of the firmware.  Use the Browse button, if you 
need help locating the firmware file.

6. Make sure you select XMODEM as the protocol.

7. Press the Send button.

8. The firmware will begin to download.

When the download is complete, the system verifies that the firmware image 
was successfully written to the FLASH memory and then reboots the 
PowerVault 35F. Upon reboot, the PowerVault 35F detects that there is a 
newly downloaded firmware image and copies that image to the boot sector 
of the FLASH and then boots with that image. At that point the PowerVault 
35F is using the new firmware image.            


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This is an optional process and is not required for the downloading and installation of device drivers from this site.
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