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VMware vCenter Plug-in for MD-Series Storage Arrays, version 2.5
VMware vCenter Plug-in for MD-Series Storage Arrays, version 2.5
Release Date 12/6/2012
Importance: Recommended
Version: v 2.5,A00 See Previous Versions

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Previous Versions

2.4, A00
<ul><li><b>Vendor Version :</b> 2.4</li><li><b>Dell Version :</b> A00</li></ul>
3/27/2012 10:21:35 PM


VMware vCenter Plug-in for MD-Series Storage Arrays, version 2.5

Level of Importance:Recommended

Dell recommends applying this update during your next scheduled update cycle. The update contains feature enhancements or changes that will help keep your system software current and compatible with other system modules (firmware, BIOS, drivers and software).

Important Information

Save Configuration Files Option Fails on Storage Arrays Running RAID Controller Firmware Version 7.35 ISSUE: The Save Configuration Files option in the MD vCenter Plug-in fails to execute on storage arrays running RAID controller firmware version 7.35 and generates a validation error. The cause of this error is due to the presence of the 'securityType=' syntax on the command line argument. This syntax is not supported with this firmware version. Script file example: show "Creating RAID 0 Volume 1 on new Volume Group BW-Test2084."; // This command creates volume group and the initial volume <1> with offset 0 on the volume group. // NOTE: For Volume Groups that use all available capacity, the last Volume on this group is // created using all remaining capacity by omitting the capacity= volume creation parameter. create volume drives=(85,1) raidLevel=0 userLabel="1" volumeGroupUserLabel="BW-Test2084" 8240 Bytes dssPreAllocate=false securityType=none; WORKAROUND: Storage arrays running RAID controller firmware version 7.35 should remove the 'securityType=' syntax from all Create Volume commands before validating or executing the script file from the MD Storage Manager (MDSM) Enterprise Management Window (EMW). PROCEDURE: 1. Edit the script file to be used (for example, Array-1_20120122151509705.cfg). 2. Search the script file for the presence of the 'securityType=' command syntax. 3. Remove all occurrences of the 'securityType=' syntax. 4. Save the script file with a new name (preserve original). 5. From the MDSM Enterprise Management Window, right-click on the storage array to be configured and select Execute Script. 6. From the Script Editor, select File > Load Script and select the configuration file you saved in step 4. (You may have to change the file type drop-down option to All Files instead of Script File (*.script)). 7. Select Tools > Verify Syntax to verify the script is functional. 8. Select Tools > Verify and Execute to apply the script changes to the selected storage array.


Inspiron M7010
PowerVault MD3200
PowerVault MD3200i
PowerVault MD3220
PowerVault MD3220i
PowerVault MD3260
PowerVault MD3260i
PowerVault MD3460
PowerVault MD3600F
PowerVault MD3600i
PowerVault MD3620F
PowerVault MD3620i
PowerVault MD3660f
PowerVault MD3660i
PowerVault MD3820i
PowerVault MD3860i
Operating Systems
VMware ESXi 4.1
VMware ESXi 5.0
MS Windows 2008 x64
MS Windows Server 2012
MS Windows 2008 x86
MS Windows Server 2003
MS Windows 2008 R2
MS Windows 2003 x64
VMware ESX 4.1
VMware ESXi 5.1

Applies to

  • MD Storage Array vCenter Plug-in

Fixes & Enhancements

vCenter Plug-in Release 2.5 adds support for setting up asynchronous remote replication, using point-in-time (PiT) snapshots and performing enhanced automatic storage array discovery.

Installation instructions

To install the MD vCenter Plug-in:

1. From the Drivers and Download page at, select your MD storage array model. 
2. From the list of available downloads, choose vCenter Version 2.5 Plug-In from the Applications category.
3. Download the executable file to your system.
4. Launch the vCenter Plug-in installation wizard contained in the downloaded package. 
5. Review and accept the license agreement, then follow the installation prompts.  
6. Once the installation is complete, refer to the Dell PowerVault MD-Series Storage Array VMware vCenter Plug-In for MD-Series Storage Arrays Installation and Configuration Guide at for setup and configuration steps

To upgrade from a previous version of the MD vCenter Plug-in and use the same host server as the application server, run the latest installer on the current application server. The installation wizard will prompt for an administrator password before unregistering and upgrading your MD vCenter Plug-in version.            


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