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Product IDs are located on the back or bottom of your device. See details

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EqualLogic FS7500 EqualLogic FS7600 EqualLogic FS7610 EqualLogic PS M4110 EqualLogic PS150E EqualLogic PS300E EqualLogic PS3065X EqualLogic PS3070X EqualLogic PS3070XV EqualLogic PS3150X EqualLogic PS3160xv EqualLogic PS3600E EqualLogic PS4000E EqualLogic PS4000X EqualLogic PS4000XV EqualLogic PS4100 EqualLogic PS4100E EqualLogic PS4100X EqualLogic PS4100XV EqualLogic PS4100XVS EqualLogic PS4110 EqualLogic PS4110E Equallogic PS4110X Equallogic PS4110XV EqualLogic PS4210 Series EqualLogic PS4210E EqualLogic PS4210X EqualLogic PS4210XS EqualLogic PS4210XV EqualLogic PS4210XV35 Equallogic PS5000e Equallogic PS5000x Equallogic PS5000xv EqualLogic PS50E Equallogic PS5500e Equallogic PS6000 Equallogic PS6000e Equallogic PS6000s Equallogic PS6000x Equallogic PS6000xv Equallogic PS6000xvs Equallogic PS6010 Equallogic PS6010e Equallogic PS6010s Equallogic PS6010x Equallogic PS6010xv Equallogic PS6010xvs EqualLogic PS6100 EqualLogic PS6100E EqualLogic PS6100S EqualLogic PS6100X Equallogic PS6100XS EqualLogic PS6100XV EqualLogic PS6100XVS EqualLogic PS6110E Equallogic PS6110X Equallogic PS6110XV EqualLogic PS6210E EqualLogic PS6210S EqualLogic PS6210X EqualLogic PS6210XS EqualLogic PS6210XV EqualLogic PS6210XV3.5 Equallogic PS6500 Equallogic PS6500e EqualLogic PS6500ES EqualLogic PS6500X Equallogic PS6510 Equallogic PS6510e EqualLogic PS6510X EqualLogic PS6610E EqualLogic PS6610ES EqualLogic PS6610X EqualLogic PSS100E EqualLogic PSS100E-C4 EqualLogic PSS100E-C5 EqualLogic PSS100E-C6 EqualLogic PSS100E-C7 EqualLogic PSS100E-C8 EqualLogic PSS100E-C9

What is a product ID?

You can use a Service Tag or Express Service Code to identify most Dell products. Wyse, Force 10, and EqualLogic customers may also use their serial number.
Product IDs are usually located on the back or bottom of your device.

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