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Dell Smart Plug-in for HP Operations Manager for Windows, v3.0

The Dell Smart Plug-in (SPI) version 3.0 for HP Operations Manager version 9.0 is part of the Dell OpenManage Connections program. It delivers new features for monitoring Dell PowerEdge Servers and EqualLogic and PowerVault MD Storage Arrays in environments managed by HP Operations Manager. Dell’s SPI v3 for HP Operations Manager v.9 adds support for agent-free, out-of-band monitoring for the 12th generation of Dell PowerEdge servers via their embedded server management component, the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC), version 7 with Lifecycle Controller. The Dell SPI v3.0 also provides traditional agent-based monitoring with Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) for 9-12G PowerEdge servers through HP Operations Manager v.9.0.

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Enhancements :
Support for monitoring the following Dell server services
- Dell Servers via both in-band and out-of-band(iDRAC7)
- Dell Chassis both CMC and DRAC/MC
- Dell DRACs like DRAC5, iDRAC6 and iDRAC7(bare metal)

Support for monitoring the following Dell Storage Devices
- Dell EqualLogic Storage Arrays
- Dell MD Storage Arrays

Support for the following Dell specific console launches
- Dell Warranty Report Console
- Dell OpenManage Essentials(OME) Console
- Dell OpenManage Power Center(OMPC) Console
- Dell Connections License Manager (DCLM) Console

Support for configuring/ managing Dell SPI licenses for iDRAC7 monitoring.

Support for upgrade from Dell SPI v2.0 and Dell SPI v2.1


버전 3.0, A00


31 3 2014

최종 업데이트

01 4 2014



사용 가능한 형식

파일 형식:Application
파일 이름:Dell_Smart_Plug-in_v3.0_x64_A00.exe
다운로드 유형:HTTP
파일 크기: 3MB
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MS Windows 2008 R2

적용 대상

Smart Plug-in for HP Operations Manager for Windows

설치 방법

1. Download the file to a directory on your hard drive. The file downloaded will be a self-extracting executable.
2. Go to the location where you downloaded the file and double-click the executable to unzip the files.
a. The default extraction folder is C:\Dell\OpenManage Connection For HP.
b. You may select a different location for file extraction by editing the path.
c. The self-extracting executable consists of the following:
i. Dell Smart Plug-in v3.0_x64.msi - installs the Dell Smart Plug-in onto the HP Operations Management Server.
ii. DellSPIv3.0_Readme.txt - The Dell Smart Plug-in Version 3.0 Readme file.
iii.DellSPIv3.0_IG.pdf - The Dell Smart Plug-in Version 3.0 Installation Guide.
3. Follow the installation instructions in the Installation Guide to install the Dell Smart plug-in.

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