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OpenManage Essentials 1.2

Dell OpenManage Essentials is a 'one to many' console used to monitor Dell Enterprise hardware.
It can discover, inventory, and monitor the health of Dell Servers, Storage, and network devices.
Essentials can also update the drivers and BIOS of your Dell PowerEdge Servers and allow you to
run remote tasks. OME can increase system uptime, automate repetitive tasks, and prevent
interruption in critical business operations

Fixes & Enhancements

1.Multiple defect fixes and performance improvements
1.Support for Discovery, Inventory and Map View for Dell PowerEdge VRTX devices.
2.Addition of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 as a supported operating system for the management station.
3.Context sensitive Search functionality.
4.Ability to configure OpenManage Essentials to send the warranty status of your devices through email at periodic intervals.
5.Ability to configure OpenManage Essentials to generate a warranty scoreboard based on your preference and display a notification icon in the heading banner when the warranty scoreboard is available.
6.Enhanced support for Dell Compellent, Dell Force10 E-Series and C-Series, Dell PowerConnect 8100 series, Dell PowerVault FS7500, and PowerVault NX3500 devices.
7.Support for installing OpenManage Essentials on the domain controller.
8.Device Group Permissions portal.
9.Additional reports: Asset Acquisition Information, Asset Maintenance Information, Asset Support Information, and Licensing Information.
10.Addition of a device group for Citrix XenServers and Dell PowerEdge C servers in the device tree.
11.Availability of storage and controller information in the device inventory for the following client systems: Dell OptiPlex, Dell Latitude, and Dell Precision.
12.CLI support for discovery, inventory, status polling, and removal of devices from the device tree.
13.Availability of sample command line remote tasks for uninstalling OpenManage Server Administrator and applying a server configuration on multiple managed nodes.
14.Support for SUDO users in Linux for system updates and OMSA deploy tasks.
15.Display of a notification icon in the heading banner to indicate the availability of a newer version of OpenManage Essentials.
16.Support for enabling or disabling rebooting after system update for out-of band (iDRAC) system updates.
17.Support for re-running system update and OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) deployment tasks.
18.Support for Single Sign-On (SSO) for iDRAC and CMC devices.
19.Ability to log on as a different user.


Version 1.2, A00


Systems Management

Release date

08 Jul 2013

Last Updated

30 Jul 2013


Available formats

File Format:Application
File Name:OpenManageEssentials_1_2_A00.exe.exe
Download Type:HTTP
File Size: 915 MB
Format Description:Application
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Other versions
2.4.0,A00 23 Jan 20188:54:53 AM
2.3.0,A00 27 Jun 20172:26:31 PM
2.1.0,A00 15 Sep 20153:47:47 PM
2.0.1,A00 02 Dec 20145:26:15 PM
2.0,A00 08 Sep 20142:56:50 AM
1.2.1,A00 22 Aug 20139:30:54 PM
1.1.1,A00 27 Dec 20129:32:15 AM
Supported Operating Systems
Windows Server 2008 x64
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2008 x86
Windows Server 2008 R2
Installation instructions
Dell OpenManage Essentials 1.2.

Download&Copy the EXE to a temporary folder.
Double click on the EXE to extract the files and launch the installer.
Click Install. Make sure to review Readme file.
Download the EXE file, and run from your local drive and install.

Please visit the following link for additional product installation:
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