Dell CMC, A02

Dell Chassis Management Controller (CMC) Firmware version 1.0

The CMC provides the following management features:

* Dynamic Domain Name System (DNS) registration

* Remote system management and monitoring using a Web interface,
iKVM, or Telnet/SSH connection.

* Support for Microsoft(C) Active Directory(C) authentication — Centralizes
CMC user IDs and passwords in Active Directory using the Standard
Schema or an Extended Schema.

* Monitoring — Provides access to system information and status of

* Access to system event logs - Provides access to the hardware log and
CMC log.

* Dell OpenManage(TM) software integration - Enables you to launch the
CMC Web interface from Dell OpenManage Server Administrator or IT

* CMC alert — Alerts you to potential managed node issues through an email
message or SNMP trap.

* Remote power management - Provides remote power management
functions, such as shutdown and reset on any chassis component, from a
management console.

* Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption — Provides secure remote system
management through the Web interface.

* Password-level security management — Prevents unauthorized access to a
remote system.

* Role-based authority — Provides assignable permissions for different
systems management tasks.

* Launch point for the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC)
Web-based interface.

* Support for WS-Management.

The CMC provides the following security features:

* User authentication through Microsoft(C) Active Directory(C) (optional) or
hardware-stored user IDs and passwords.

* Role-based authority, which enables an administrator to configure specific
privileges for each user.

* User ID and password configuration through the Web-based interface or

* SMCLP CLI and Web-based interface operation, which supports 128-bit
SSL encryption and 40-bit SSL encryption (for countries where 128-bit is
not acceptable).
NOTE: Telnet does not support SSL encryption.

* Configurable IP ports (where applicable).

* Login failure limits per IP address, with login blocking from the IP address
when the limit is exceeded.

* Limited IP address range for clients connecting to the CMC.

* Secure Shell (SSH), which uses an encrypted layer for higher security.

* WS-Management requires client to provide the SSL CA certificate for secure
connection. The certificate can be extracted from CMC via remote racadm
tool with sslcertdownload or openssl tool with s_client -showcerts.

Fixes & Enhancements

Initial Release


Version A02, A02


Chassis System Management

Release date

29 Jan 2008

Last Updated

03 Nov 2011


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NOTE: The contents include the CMC readme file, CMC firmware image and the digital signature for the CMC firmware (CMC_README.txt, firmimg.cmc and firmimg.cmc.sign).
4. Use the CMC user interface or CLI (RACADM) tool to perform the CMC firmware update.
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