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Dell Remote Console Switch FW

New firmware for the Dell KVM 1082DS, 2161DS, and 4322DS

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Fixes & Enhancements

Fixes an issue where upon boot the KVM firmware could become corrupted.
Enables power management and control of the Dell-branded managed and metered PDUs
Synchronizes LDAP support with that of the Dell 12G servers
Provides support for FIPS 140-2 operation;
FIPS mode can be enabled/disabled via the OBWI, the local port or the DSView plug-in
OBWI and local port user interfaces will display the appropriate USB speed setting for USB2_VM and USB2_VM_CAC SIPS
Provides support for KVM device discovery and recognition in Dell Open Manage Essentials


Version, A02(


Rack Solutions

Release date

06 Nov 2012

Last Updated

15 Jun 2015


Available formats

File Format:ALL
Download Type:HTTP
File Size: 50 MB
Format Description:
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Applies to
KVM 1082DS/2162DS/4322DS
Installation instructions
1. Click the Download File link to download the file
2. Choose either Single-file download or Use Download Manager
3. When the File Download window appears, click Save to save the file to your hard drive.

Extract Files
1. Browse to the location where you downloaded the file
2. Extract the files to the location of your choosing.
3. Open the Readme.html for further installation instructions.
Important Information
This firmware is meant for use only on 1082DS/2162DS/4322DS systems. Once upgraded the KVM cannot be flashed back to an earlier version. Make sure to use the most recent RCS software version or greater.
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Dell highly recommends applying this update as soon as possible. The update contains changes to improve the reliability and availability of your Dell system.