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LSI 9265-8i SAS RAID Card firmware

LSI 9265-8i SAS RAID Card firmware


Version 23.7.0-0035, A01


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LSI 9265-8i MegaRaid SAS;


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Fixes & Enhancements

1.Dont log capacity change event post rebuild completion.
2.Log commission event only if Rebuild will start on the PD.
3.Clean up bad block list during background init/check consistency failure
4.Reverted back the changes of the issues: SCGCQ00287136 & SCGCQ00287140.
5.SATA BBM list corruption
6.Stressing test on degrade raid with drives or rebuilding on drives will cause firmware hang
7.T-bolt firmware : makes unconfigured bad (foreign) to unconfigured bad on reboot.
8.cannot make the CacheCade configured PD as unconfigured bad even pulling it out during system online.
9.Hot Spare lost after FW update
10.Pulling cable when maintainpdfailhistory=1 create wrong state in arrays.
11.Memory test does not execute when performing FW diagnostics.
12.MFC variable enableSSCWB was not getting updated when updated via megaSCU
13.Code review: DC : Set RDM_FLAGS_FUA_REQ in immediate IO path in rebuilding drive case.
14.Controller does not come up while a PD Erase is in progress_Debug Firmware

Installation instructions

Use MegaCLI to flash the SAS controllers.
please unzip the MegaCLI update utility in attachment.

Command syntax: MegaCli -adpfwflash -f mr2208fw.rom -a0

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