Seagate SAS6 ST9500430SS firmware version DS63.

This release contains firmware version DS63 for Seagate 7.2K SAS 2.5'' 500GB 6Gb Hard Drive. Drive model ST9500430SS.

Fixes & Enhancements

Fixes / Enhancements:

- Improvements to logic how drive autoreallocates recovered sectors.
- Improvements to SMART threshold detection
- Improved sequential reads
- Corrected command retry caused while write cache is enabled.
- Improved sequential read stream when running RAID 5
- Fixed issue - SMART warning was not present when the drive was exposed to high temperature i.e. around 80-90 degree Celcius


Version DS63, A03


SAS Drive

Release date

14 May 2013

Last Updated

15 May 2013


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Other versions
DS64,A04 20 May 20134:24:53 PM
DS62,A02 17 May 20135:18:05 PM
Applies to
Seagate SAS ST9500430SS
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