This firmware release is a maintenance release for the M8024-K version of PowerConnect switch and includes only bug fixes that are applicable to this switch or possibly other switch models as noted in the Fixes and Enhancements section.

Fixes & Enhancements

This is a maintenance release so only bug fixes are included.

- The "show fiber optical-transceiver" command shows LOS even though link is up.
- Unable to ping with jumbo frames set.
- cpCaptivePortalWebLangCode.1.1 displays en when mib says only supported value active (1).
- LLDP Assignment of port ID for Port-Description TLV
- The CLI shows incorrect media type 10GBASE-T for fiber ports
- Can't assign a name to a VLAN.
- No default route or static showing in ip route table.
- CLI command "show dot1x users" is missing
- Missing port membership from SNMP (dot1qVlanStaticUntaggedPorts and dot1qVlanStaticEgressPorts)
- The VRPP track port priority changes in the running config.
- Firmware won't allow domain names with hyphen "-" in logging email.
- Internal ports are up during most of the switch POST.
- Continuous log message at default settings.
- DNS client error.
- VRRP Intermittent Connectivity Issues.
- VLAN membership port names not consistent in GUI.
- Sometimes switch crashes when receiving of Radius packets.
- In a Stack, the "show system temperature" CLI command breaks CLI
- QOS on port channel.
- Dropped VLAN frames are included in Discards counters.
- PC7048 Combo ports are not passing traffic.
- Order of switchport commands in running-config changed.


Version, A06



Release date

30 Jan 2012

Last Updated

01 Jun 2013


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Other versions
v5.0.0.4,A08 29 Aug 201212:50:39 PM
v4.2.2.3,A07 11 May 20126:44:37 PM,A05 06 Dec 20112:29:19 PM
Applies to
PowerConnect M8024-K
Installation instructions
NOTE: Please follow software update instructions included in the zip file.
"Upgrading PowerConnect Switches from version 4.1.x.x to firmware.pdf"
"Upgrading PowerConnect Switches from version 2.x.x.x or 3.x.x.x to firmware.pdf"

NOTE: Release Software zip file included with an A.1.1.9 firmware version. Only use this A.1.1.9 firmware version to upgrade switches from 3.x.x.x or 2.x.x.x to firmware.

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