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Dell Version Inventory Collector Application

This package provides the Dell DSIA Application and is supported on OptiPlex, XPS Notebook, Tablet, Precision and Latitude models that are running the following Windows Operating Systems: XP, Vista (32/64-bit), Windows 7 (32/64-bit) and Windows 8 (32/64-bit).

Fixes & Enhancements

- Resolved Inventory of Touchpad for newer systems
- Resolved issues with IDT Audio
- Resolved issues with Inventory of Intel LOM

- Not Applicable.


Version, A47


Change Management Software Development Kit

Release date

09 Sep 2014

Last Updated

27 Jul 2015


Available formats

File Format:Microsoft Windows Installer
File Name:DSIAPC_1.4.1.323.msi
Download Type:HTTP
File Size: 11 MB
Format DescriptionMicrosoft Windows Installer Package
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Other versions,A56 25 Sep 201411:14:49 AM,A51 09 Sep 201411:51:41 AM,A49 09 Sep 20144:06:24 AM,A48 09 Sep 20144:06:24 AM,A46 09 Sep 20144:06:24 AM,A52 09 Sep 20144:06:22 AM,A53 09 Sep 20144:06:22 AM,A50 09 Sep 20144:06:20 AM,A54 10 Jul 20142:01:55 PM,A54 10 Jul 20142:01:48 PM,A55 09 Jul 20145:42:55 AM,A43 14 Jun 20132:23:19 AM,A44 14 Jun 20132:23:19 AM,A45 14 Jun 20132:23:19 AM
Supported Operating Systems
Windows 7, 32-bit
Windows 7, 64-bit
Windows 8, 32-bit
Windows 8, 64-bit
Windows Vista, 32-bit
Windows Vista, 64-bit
Windows XP
Windows XP Embedded
Windows XP, 64-bit
Applies to
Version Inventory Collector
Installation instructions
Hard Drive Installation (Microsoft Installer Package) Instructions

1.Click Download File, to download the file.
2. When the File Download window appears, click Save or Save this program to your hard drive.

1. Browse to the location where you downloaded the file and double-click the new file.
2. Follow the remaining prompts to perform the update.
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This driver has been tested by both the independent software vendor (ISV) and Dell on the operating systems, graphics cards, and application supported by your device to ensure maximum compatibility and performance. Details

Dell recommends applying this update during your next scheduled update cycle. The update contains feature enhancements or changes that will help keep your system software current and compatible with other system modules (firmware, BIOS, drivers and software).