USI Remote Access Host Card Driver

This package provides Remote Access Host Card Driver For FX100 is supported on Precision R5x00 Series, Tx600 Series and FX100 running the following Windows Operating systems: NA.

Fixes & Enhancements

- Fixed problem where Portal devices could not connect to VMware View Connection Server 3.1
- Modified the algorithm that reorders imaging packets. The changes improve the performance of sessions operating over low bandwidth links that experience small imaging changes such as mouse movements
- Fixed problem where PCoIP sessions operated across a firewall were being dropped because the firewall was closing ports that were idle for 5 or more minutes.
- Fixed problem where the Portal monitor was not turned off when the operating system attempted to turn it off
- Fixed problem where the OSD Password reset feature failed to work properly

- Added support for advertising default EDID information when no monitor is detected
- Added support to display the PCoIP logo on the web browser path bar when connected to web server of a PCoIP device.
- Modified the VMware View web and the OSD interfaces such that the default port number is used when the field is left blank.
- Addedsupport to display an overlay when no PCoIP traffic is received for 2 or more seconds.
- Added support to report PCoIP Host network link status and session statistics to the PCoIP Host Software
- Modified the format of the magic packet, which is sent by a Portal when it attempts to wake a Host that is in a low power state. The new formats allow Portals to wake Hosts located on different subnets.


Version tera1x00_rel2-2_v223.all, A08



Release date

12 Apr 2012

Last Updated

28 Oct 2013


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Applies to
Remote Access Host Card For FX100
TSH, FW3.0, FX100
Installation instructions
Hard Drive Installation (Winzip self-extractor) Instructions
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3. The Self-Extractor window appears.
4. Click OK.
5. Follow the remaining prompts to perform the update.
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