Dell PE3250 6M Core Processor BIOS, A04

PowerEdge 3250, BIOS A04 system update package for 6M Core Pocessors.

Fixes & Enhancements

For BIOS, the following issues are resolved in this update:
· SAL_GET_STATE_INFO ever returns an error when INIT interrupt is called
· SMBIOS implementation reports memory size 0 for all modules
· SAL PAL shadow base alignment to 1MB boundary in SAL to fix Windows RTM page boundary issue
· Processor Retest fails if you enable clear SEL and Proc Retest at same time in BIOS.
· SAL misfunctioning towards INIT interrupt management
· SAL - 3.2 SPEC change
· SAL init handler checksum fix
· SAL cache flush procedure modified to handle bigger cache size
· Some USB keyfobs do not work in EFI
· SMBIOS table CPU max Speed incorrect
· Error running some EFI shell scripts: "Cannot read from file - Device Error"
· Changed the LID register programming to support DP versions of Itanium® 2 processors with 9M
· 5 minute delay in EFI while performing DHCP
· Error message in EFI when BMC set to DHCP

The following BMC issues are resolved in this update:
· POWER_SUPPLY sensors reporting a wrong "presence"
· AC Lost SEL Events are reversed
· This release contains a fix for a Madison 6M processor errata which sometimes causes the
processor to come up in IO loop-back mode. This fix checks the SNC early for signs that the
processor is in this state, and if so, does an early, pre-emptive reset.
· Cannot recover "failed BIST" processors with Mad6M PR6.2 or Mad9M PR2.0
· Inconsistent FP status LED behavior relating to power state
· Incorrect behavior of System status LED during PSU and AC events


Version A04, A04

Release date

19 Jun 2006

Last Updated

03 Nov 2011


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