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Luxsonar DVD Chipset Driver, v. 1.0, A01

Windows 2000 *BETA* LuxSonor Hardware DVD Drivers/Player

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Version 1.0, A01



Release date

15 Aug 2000

Last Updated

03 Nov 2011


Available formats

File Format:Hard-Drive
File Name:w2kdvd.exe
Download Type:HTTP
File Size: 3 MB
Format DescriptionThis file contains a compressed (or zipped) set of files. Download the file to a folder on your hard drive, and then run (double-click) it to unzip the set of files. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.
To ensure the integrity of your download, please verify the checksum value.
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Installation instructions
Installation Instructions (for clean Windows 2000 installation). Note
that you will be replacing your current audio driver, installing a
Luxsonor DVD driver, and installing the Luxsonor player. These
instructions assume that you have executed the W2KDVD.EXE file and used
the default extraction options:

1. Log in to Windows 2000 as administrator.
2. Browse to the C:\W2KDVD\ESS folder using My Computer.
3. Double click on SETUP.EXE to begin the ESS Audio Driver installation.
4. A dialogue box should appear; "Welcome to Maestro2 Setup". Click on
NEXT to continue.
5. A dialogue box will appear, "Digital Signature Not Found"; Click on
YES to install the "Ess Maestro2 PCI AudioDrive (WDM)" driver.
6. The system will copy files and a message will appear indicating "Audio
Driver Installed". Click OK to continue.
7. A dialogue box will appear, "Setup Complete". Click on FINISH to
8. When the system restarts, log in to Windows 2000 as administrator.
9. New hardware will be found by the system: Ess Maestro2 Gameport
Joystick and Standard Game Port. Installation of these devices will
complete automatically.

This completes the installation of the new audio driver. Next, you'll
install the DVD Hardware driver.

10. Right-Click on MY COMPUTER and then click on PROPERTIES.
11. Click on the HARDWARE tab and then locate and click on the DEVICE
MANAGER button.
12. Locate "Multimedia Video Controller" under the "Other Devices"
category. Right-click on it and then click on PROPERTIES.
13. Locate the "Driver" tab and click on UPDATE DRIVER.
14. The Update Driver Wizard will launch. Click on NEXT to continue.
15. Keep the default selection "Search for a suitable driver for my
device (recommended)" and click NEXT.
16. At the "Locate Driver Files" Window, clear the check boxes
for "Floppy Disk Drives" and "CD-ROM Drives". Select (place a check mark
in) the "Specify a Location" box. Click on NEXT to continue.
17. Change the search location to "C:\W2KDVD\luxsonar" and click OK.
18. Click on NEXT to begin the installation of the DVD hardware files.
19. A dialogue box will appear, "Digital Signature Not Found"; Click on
YES to install the "LuxSonor DVD decoder card (LS242)" driver.
20. The system will copy files and a message will appear indicating that
the driver installation is completed.
21. Click on FINISH.
22. Click on CLOSE to close the LuxSonor card properties window.
23. Locate the "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" category in Device Manager and
expand it by clicking on the + sign to the left of it.
24. Right-click on SECONDARY IDE CHANNEL and then click on PROPERTIES.
25. Click on the ADVANCED SETTINGS tab.
26. Change the "Transfer Mode" for Device 0 to "DMA IF AVAILABLE" if it
is not already set that way.
27. Click on OK to close the Window.
28. If you made a change in step 26, your system will prompt you to
restart. Click on YES to restart the system if needed.
29. When the system restarts, log in as administrator. If you did not
restart, continue with the next step.
30. Close any open Windows.

This completes the installation of the LuxSonor DVD hardware driver. Next,
you'll install the DVD Player.

31. Browse to the "C:\W2KDVD\player" directory using My Computer.
32. Double-click on SETUP.EXE to launch the installation program.
33. The Dell WDM Driver & DVD Player Setup will begin.
34. Click on NEXT to begin the installation.
35. Read the license agreement and click on NEXT to continue.
36. Click on NEXT to accept the default installation location.
37. Click on NEXT to start copying files.
38. When setup finishes copying files, click on FINISH to restart your
39. When the computer restarts, log in as administrator.

This completes the installation of the LuxSonor DVD player.

You may now play DVDs on your system!

To use the LuxSonor hardware player, click on S
Important Information



Inspiron 7000 Windows 2000 Luxsonor DVD Installation

NOTE: These are beta drivers that have not been fully tested by Dell
Computer! There are known problems with these drivers (listed below).
In addition, other unknown problems could occur as a result of the
installation and use of these drivers. System instability and/or crashes
could occur as a result of using beta drivers. Dell Computer has provided
these drivers as a courtesy to our customers. However, Dell Computer
does not provide technical support for beta drivers. These should be
used at your own risk.

The installation instructions below are designed to help you install these
drivers on a newly installed operating system. If you have made changes
to your configuration since installing Windows 2000, have upgraded to
Windows 2000, or have installed and/or attempted to configure software
and/or hardware, modifications may be required to complete the

Please read through the installation instructions before attempting the
install. Remember, these drivers are beta and are not supported by Dell
Technical Support.

Known Issues:
-Video may pause/stutter on certain DVD movies when resuming playback
after pausing for 30 seconds or more.
-Opening title may jump/jitter and stutter on certain DVD movies.
-Subtitles on some DVD movies may be unreadable.
-Video may be blurry on some DVD movies.
-Volume hotkeys don't work properly, may cause audio to mute.
-Some software DVD players don't work properly.
-Volume is set to maximum on certain software DVD players every time the
player is opened.
-DVD playback may fail when volume is continually adjusted with hotkeys.
-DVD playback may be choppy/slow if DMA is not enabled.
-Luxsonor player will not repeat on certain DVD movies.
-Video will be offset (to the right) the first time that Luxsonor is

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