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Samsung F3 7200 3.5" SATA2 HDD Firmware Update

This package provides the Samsung F3 250GB/500GB/750GB/1TB 7200 3.5" SATA2 HDD Firmware Update and is supported on Vostro Desktop, Precision, Optiplex, Inspiron Desktop, Dimension Desktop, Studio Desktop, Alienware Desktop and Studio XPS Desktop models that are running the following Operating Systems: XP, Vista and Windows 7.


  • Version 1AJ10002, A00


Compatible Systems
Supported Operating Systems
  • MS Windows 7 32-bit
  • MS Windows 7 64-bit
  • MS Windows Vista 32-bit
  • MS Windows Vista 64-bit
  • MS Windows XP
  • MS Windows XP x64

Applies to

F3 1TB 7200 3.5" SATA2 HDD;


Release date
16 Jun 2011
Last Updated
05 Mar 2014


Urgent. Dell highly recommends applying this update as soon as possible. The update contains changes to improve the reliability and availability of your Dell system.

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File Format:Hard-Drive
Download Type:HTTP
File Size: 765KB
Format DescriptionThis file format consists of an archive of files that may be decompressed to a directory on the hard drive. The installation can then be done from that directory.
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Important Information

1. Please Do Not interrupt the firmware upgrade process! 2. [Warning] Device must be plugged in at all times during the firmware update process or else device may be permanently damaged and rendered inoperable. 3. It is recommended that you back up the data on your disk drive prior to firmware update as a precaution in case of inadvertent power loss or system restart.

Fixes & Enhancements

Fixes - Fixed an issue that cause intermittent boot problems Enhancements - Not Applicable

Installation instructions

Custom Instructions for This firmware download utility runs in DOS. 1. Unzip the file to your bootable USB key. 2. Run the F3_Patch.exe file form your bootable key. 3. You will notice that the current FW is 1AJ10001, after flash it will become 1AJ10002 (but this can only be done after reboot and re-run step 2). 4. Reboot the system after flashed. 5. Please take note the PC will halted sometimes as the BIOS is trying to detect the HDD, force reboot again if you see this situation. 6. Once reboot successful, you will be able to go into Windows, Windows will detect your new HDD again. 7. Last reboot from the Windows after detection completed, restart and FW is now 002 version.

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