Dell On Line Diagnostics, v. 1.1.1, A113

This is an upgrade for Dell OpenManage™ Server Diagnostics 1.1. It is a
suite of diagnostic programs that run locally on your Dell PowerEdge™
server or remotely on a PowerEdge server connected to the network. You
select diagnostic tests to run from a hierarchical menu that represents a
server's hardware. You can select tests for various parts of a server and
run them simultaneously or sequentially in a single session. You can view
results for each individually selected testing module.
Dell OpenManage Server Diagnostics is engineered to diagnose problems on
individual servers. It does not address problems that arise on the network
level, unless the problem resides with a network interface card (NIC) on a
single server.

Fixes & Enhancements

This release is an upgrade for all PowerEdge Systems. It fixes PE500sc
issues that appear in the Dell OpenManage™ Server Diagnostics Version 1.1
release. It also fixes the need to reboot when upgrading the Dell
OpenManage™ Server Agent if Server Diagnostics is already installed on the
system. This upgrade should be installed after Version 1.1 is
installed. The fixes are documented in the 1.1.1 release notes.


Version 1.1.1, A113


Systems Management

Release date

28 Aug 2001

Last Updated

03 Nov 2011


Available formats

File Format:Hard-Drive
File Name:OL1_1_1.exe
Download Type:HTTP
File Size: 1 MB
Format Description:This file format consists of an archive of files that may be decompressed to a directory on the hard drive. The installation can then be done from that directory.
To ensure the integrity of your download, please verify the checksum value.
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By downloading, you accept the terms of the Dell Software License Agreement.

Supported Operating Systems
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000
Installation instructions
To install Server Diagnostics, perform the following steps:
1. Start your Windows operating system and log on with administrator privileges.
2. Exit any open programs and disable any virus-scanning software. (NOTE: See your virus-scanning software documentation for more information.)
3. Click on the Dell OpenManage™ Server Diagnostics download link and select Save this program to disk.
4. Click on the Dell OpenManage™ Server Diagnostics executable file that was downloaded to the hard drive.
5. Read the Software License Agreement.
6. Click Yes to accept the license terms.
7. Follow the instructions on the screen.
Warning: Do not turn off your computer or disconnect from your power source while updating the BIOS or you may harm your computer. During the update, your computer will restart and you will briefly see a black screen.

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