Intel LS-120 Drive, v. 101, A00

LS-120 Drive Firmare Utility

Fixes & Enhancements

This utility updates the firmware on the LS-120 Drive, DP/N 042YKW, used on the Dell PowerEdge 7150 platform. It must be run from the EFI


Version 101, A00


Removable Storage

Release date

10 Jun 2002

Last Updated

03 Nov 2011


Available formats

File Format:Floppy
File Name:B6T70600.exe
Download Type:HTTP
File Size: 493 KB
Format Description:This file contains a compressed (or zipped) set of files. Download the file to a folder on your hard drive, then double-click it to unzip the set of files. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.
To ensure the integrity of your download, please verify the checksum value.
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By downloading, you accept the terms of the Dell Software License Agreement.

Installation instructions
Hard Drive Floppy Disk Creation for B6T70600.exe

1. Get 1 blank, formatted floppy disks.
2. Click the new icon on the desktop. The Self-Extractor window
3. Click Setup. An MS-DOS window appears with a message indicating
that you need 1 floppy diskettes.
4. Press the [ENTER] key. A message appears prompting you to insert
a blank floppy diskette. Insert a floppy disk into the floppy disk drive.
5. Press the [ENTER] key. A message appears indicating that all data
on the disk will be erased.
6. Press the [y] key and then press the [ENTER] key. The files are
copied to the floppy diskette. Once the files have been copied to the
diskette a message appears prompting you to insert the second diskette.
7. Repeat steps 4 – 6 until you reach the end of the diskette set.
8. After all the files have been copied to the last floppy disk,
press the [ENTER] key and the MS-DOS window closes.

The unpack utility is DOS based. Run the executable file on a Windows
based machine (not IA64), the
following files will be unpacked and copied to a standard 1.44MB formatted


Place the floppy in the Ls-120 drive and
Boot to the EFI Boot Manager Screen
Select the EFI Boot option
Should see the Device mapping table
Look for the FS#'s to identify the Floppy, CDROM, and Hard Drives
The LS-120 will have a description of Primary Master or Device 00.
The Hard Drive will have a description of Scsi or Device 80.
The command "map –r" will remap the devices.
If the Device 80 or Scsi is FS1 then type: "FS1:" to change to the
hard drive.
Type: "dir" to print a directory to the screen.
This is the main directory where the files should be copied.
Should also see the dellup Directory.
Copy the five files to the hard drive, (verify fs0 corresponds to the
floppy drive)
type: "copy fs0:auto.prm"
the response should be fs0:\auto.prm -> fs1:\auto.prm[ok]

Type: "update"
the utility will begin the following should appear on the screen.

Beginning Update Process
New revision (file): C936M924
Old revision (ROM): C932M923

Note: If the Old revision number does not appear here then this drive
cannot be updated !

Continue with the update of the Flash-EEPROM? (y/n)
Type: "y"

Loader F/W Revision: 101
Erase Processing
Erase OK
Write Processing
Write OK
Flash Load: OK

The flash has completed and you are then returned to the EFI Prompt.
Warning: Do not turn off your computer or disconnect from your power source while updating the BIOS or you may harm your computer. During the update, your computer will restart and you will briefly see a black screen.

This driver has been tested by both the independent software vendor (ISV) and Dell on the operating systems, graphics cards, and application supported by your device to ensure maximum compatibility and performance. Details

Dell recommends the customer review specifics about the update to determine if it applies to your system. The update contains changes that impact only certain configurations, or provides new features that may/may not apply to your environment.