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Dell OpenManage Network Manager (OMNM) 5.2 is a network management product to help automate common network management tasks and simplify management of your Dell network infrastructure.

Fixes & Enhancements

Fixes and Enhancements:

This version of OMNM adds support for the Dell PowerConnect 8100 and PowerConnect 5.0 firmware. A free license is included to manage up to 10 devices.

Other features in OMNM are:
- Easy-to-use and very customizable web based user interface
- Traffic Flow Analysis
- Helps maintain optimum performance configurations
- Out of the box support for all Dell switches including W-Series controllers and wireless access points.
- "Proscan" configuration audit
- easily track down and correct configuration issues
- Active Performance Monitors allow for proactive customization of performance monitoring.

- If a problem occurs during firmware deployment, the error message displayed may not specify the cause. Failed connectivity may produce a message like "Error pattern '.*(is required ' matched 'already full'"
Workaround: For such messages, the content of the error message, visible at the bottom of the audit
screen, may provide more information. Click the message in the top of the audit screen to read its contents in the bottom of the screen. (18636)


Version OMNM 5.2, A19

Release date

21 Sep 2012

Last Updated

01 Jul 2013



Available formats

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Supported Operating Systems

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Applies to

OpenManage Network Manager

Installation instructions

Custom Instructions for installing OMNM -

1. Go to OMNM download registration webpage
2. Complete the registration form to receive the download link and license details for the software

Important Information

The base version of OMNM that you download here will manage up to ten (10) Dell devices. To manage additional devices, you can purchase device license packs by contacting your sales representative, or go to .
OMNM 5.2 can be installed as an initial install or upgraded from version 5.0 or 5.1. If you upgrade from either OMNM version 5.0 or 5.1, all data and settings will be maintained. If you have an additional license key for OMNM 5.0 that enables you to manage more than ten devices, you will need to update your license key to an OMNM 5.2 license format. This can be done by contacting your sales representative or going to . There is no charge for updating your license key to the OMNM 5.2 format. Refer to the User Guide and Release Notes for additional information. As always, it is recommended that you backup your OMNM database if you are upgrading. Refer to the User Guide that came with this applicationfor the backup procedure.
If you are running OMNM 4.4, ***** we strongly recommend uninstalling OMNM 4.4 and installing OMNM 5.2 as an initial install *****. If you are running OMNM 4.4 and choose to upgrade, OMNM will change and migrate only a limited amount of data from to version 5.2. This results in some data and settings being changed or no longer accessible. Refer to the User Guide and Release Notes for additional information. If you choose to install OMNM 5.2 as an upgrade from OMNM 4.4, you can continue to manage previously discovered devices after reinstalling your license key. However, you will be required to update your OMNM 4.4 license to an OMNM 5.2 license to enable the new OMNM 5.2 features. If after an upgrade you have more than 10 devices discovered, you will only be able to remove devices and not be allowed to add any device until your OMNM 4.4 license has been converted to OMNM 5.2 license format. This can be done by contacting your sales representative or going to . Refer to the User Guide and Release Notes for additional information. There is no charge for updating your OMNM 4.4 license key to the OMNM 5.2 license format.
Upgrades from versions prior to OMNM 4.4 are not supported. If you are running OMNM 4.3 or an earlier release, you should uninstall OMNM in order to install OMNM 5.2.
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