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Dell OpenManage Network Manager (OMNM) 5.3 is a network management product to help automate common network management tasks and simplify management of your Dell network infrastructure.

Fixes & Enhancements

Fixes and Enhancements:

OpenManage Network Manager 5.3 adds support for the following:
- Dell S5000 converged ethernet switch
- Dell PowerEdge M I/O Aggregator
- Dell PowerEdge VRTX 1Gb IOM
- Dell 7xxx W-Series wireless controllers
- PowerConnect 5.1.x firmware for the 70xx, 80xx, 81xx families and the blade switches M6220, M6348, M8024 and M8024-K
- PowerConnect 3.3.x firmware for 62xx families
- PowerConnect 4.1.x firmware for 55xx families
- FTOS 9.2 firmware for S4810, S4820, Z9000, MXL10 and PowerEdge M I/O Aggregator
- Dell W-Series 6.2 and 6.3 firmware
- C150 and C300 now supports SFP line card

Key Features in OMNM 5.3:

- A web-based user interface that is easy to use and highly customizable
- Traffic Flow Analysis to help you maintain optimum performance configuration
- ProScan configuration audit to help you pinpoint and correct configuration issues
- Active performance monitors to help you customize performance monitoring
- Resource Discovery Wizard to simplify discovery of IP-based network elements
- Resource management enables easy configuration of Dell switches
- Resource group management to provide you with a one-to-many switch configuration
- Comprehensive reporting capabilities for inventory, firmware, interfaces, ports and more
- Advanced scheduling to help automate key tasks, such as firmware deployment, backup and configuration changes
- Event management to help filter and forward events and traps
- Flexible dashboards to help monitor faults, availability and performance
- Adaptive scripting interface for creating custom queries and configurations

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Version A21, A21



Release date

12 Aug 2013

Last Updated

12 Aug 2013


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Other versions
6.1 SP1,A29 03 Nov 20158:12:19 PM
6.1,A28 02 Oct 20159:18:53 PM
A27,A27 24 Jul 20152:46:26 AM
6.0 SP2,A26 18 Mar 20153:17:47 PM
6.0SP1,A25 04 Dec 20142:08:27 PM
A24,A24 24 Oct 20145:40:33 PM
5.3 SP2,A23 20 Jun 20149:43:23 PM
5.3 SP1,A22 07 Mar 20147:20:24 PM
OMNM 5.2 SP 1,A20 25 Jan 20132:57:19 PM
OMNM 5.2,A19 21 Sep 20125:07:13 PM
Installation instructions
Custom Instructions for installing OMNM -

1. Go to OMNM download registration webpage
2. Complete the registration form to receive the download link and license details for the software

Reboot will be required
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