This firmware is for the M8024-K version of PowerConnect switch and has new features and bug fixes that are applicable to this switch or possibly other switch models as noted in the Fixes and Enhancements section.

Fixes & Enhancements

Fixes and Enhancement:

- OpenManage UI does not accept blank space character for port description.
- "show spanning-tree detail" counters are non-zero for inactive interfaces.
- Unable to remove as default gateway on OOB interface using the web.
- When connecting via SSH, the user is not prompted to acknowledge the MOTD
- "encapsulation" command is unavailable in interface range mode
- M8024-k OpenManage Web UI stack view display
- "spanning-tree transmit hold-count" command's value is not reflected in show command
- Inconsistent behavior in single and range interface mode of "spanning-tree port
- CLI command "no passwords strength exclude-keyword" requires
- Inline help for "spanning-tree loopguard" is incorrect.
- Some of the options of "show ip pim" command are not available in user EXEC mode.
- Configuration command "logging " accepts more than 63 characters.
- dot1dTpPortMaxInfo is displaying maximum frame size that includes MAC header.
- If a user attempts to create a certificate request with information that is not identical to the key generated, the user is not given an error/ informative response letting them know there is a conflict between their key and their request.
- OIDagentInventorySupportedUnitExpected CodeVer provides incorrect display string
- 1. Changes are not applied to the correct interfaces on the pages "System->sFlow->Sampler Configuration" "System->sFlow->Poll Configuration" 2. Incorrect error message is displayed when not configured Receiver index is applied to interface on "System->sFlow->Poll Configuration" page.
- "show ip route configured ...longer-prefixes" reports that default gateway is not configured, which is incorrect.
- CLI command "show ip route /24" not ignoring host bits.
- "ipv6 pim join-prune interval" command does not work
- Macro input string does not accept more than 20 characters
- startup-config failed error message is displayed when finishing the Dell Easy Setup Wizard
- In stacking environment, "show system temperature" command output is corrupted
- Error message for port enable / disable on IE on 8024F combo ports
- Alignment issues in the output of "show voice vlan interface" command
- CLI command "show ip igmp snooping" output is truncated.
- vrrp ip command accepts invalid IP addresses
- CLI command "isdp enable" does not work for a range of ports
- "show interface Priority-Flow-Control" command output is not formatted correctly
- CLI command "show ip route /24" not ignoring host bits.
- Port channel goes down during master failover.
- switches rebooting - possible crash dump w/ emWeb
- general mode vlan does not show up after a reload, it shows up in access vlan
- SNMP OIDs causing switch crash
- Stack ARP Problem
- Stack member units port display is missing in web GUI.
- No response to ICMP with jumbo (ping)
- Ports connected to Intel X520 NIC do not return online after reboot.
- switch reboots randomly.

- 802.1Qaz (ETS) on 8100 series
- Added Native EEE Support for the PC8100 10GBaseT Ports
- Support for 40 Gig (QSFP+) interfaces
- Support for Bootcode upgrade from pre-4.x image to 5.x image without manual system reset.
- Local Preference for LAG
- Full Private VLAN
- CLI output filtering
- Routing Improvements for OSPF
- Administrative Profiles
- AAA Authorization
- TACACS+ Accounting
- Stacking over QSFP+ ports
- QSFP+ diagnostics
- sFlow Support on Port Channels


Version v5.0.0.4, A08



Release date

29 Aug 2012

Last Updated

19 Jun 2013


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File Format:Hard-Drive
File Name:PCM8024kv5.0.0.4a08.zip
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Other versions
v4.2.2.3,A07 11 May 20126:44:37 PM,A06 30 Jan 201211:10:26 PM,A05 06 Dec 20112:29:19 PM
Applies to
PowerConnect M8024-K
Installation instructions
Please follow software update instructions included in the zip file - "Upgrading PowerConnect Switches from Version 2.x.x.x or 3.x.x.x or 4.x.x.x to Firmware.pdf"

Reboot will be required
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