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Dell Fluid File System 2.0.6220 Service Pack

Dell PowerVault NX36x0 service pack instructions to upgrade FluidFS to version 2.0.6220.

Fixes & Enhancements

a. Possible issue when accessing Microsoft Outlook PST files on a NAS system Microsoft Outlook client with multiple PST files stored on the NAS system CIFS Share can experience unexpected changes or overwriting of the opened PST files. Dell also recommends that customers do not save any .pst files in NAS, based on Microsofts recommendation (reference links are listed below). How to manage .pst files in Microsoft Outlook Note: Connecting to .pst files over LAN/WAN links is not supported, and problems connecting to .pst files over such links can occur. limits to using personal folder .pst files over LAN and WAN links
b. Service pack upgrade stalls - Rare timing issue due to a controller getting rebooted before it gets to finish the requisite actions needed for the upgrade to complete successfully or a controller not getting the reboot command are addressed.

a. NDMP improvements - NDMP backup utilities such as Networker utilize the Token-Based Backups feature are supported. NDMP backup using Tivoli Storage Manager is supported.
b. File system cache handling improvements under heavy IO operations.
c. Improvements in User identity management handling - LDAP net groups, AD with LDAP traffic signing, one way trusted domain and NIS configuration updates, NIS group binding
d. Improvements in handling AD name resolution in non trivial network environments.
e. VM migration improvements by returning physical size instead of logical size for the Linux command DU which is used to estimate the file space usage and helps to summarize the disk usage of all customer files
f. Events and log improvement after upgrade, shutdown and reboot actions on the NAS appliance.
g. Performance improvements while running SMB and NFS I/O using 10GbE clients.


Version 2.0.6220, A03


Operating System

Release date

11 Jan 2013

Last Updated

14 Feb 2014


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Other versions
2.0.6730,A04 20 Mar 20137:41:04 PM
2.0.6110,A02 20 Nov 20127:03:12 PM
2.0.5110,A00 09 Nov 201211:17:57 PM
2.0.5110,A00 17 Sep 20126:23:54 PM
2.0.4700,A00 26 Jul 20129:32:19 PM
Applies to
Dell NAS Appliance
Installation instructions
Note: Follow the instructions in the PDF to perform a health check of your NAS and ensure that the system is in optimal, full service condition. Also ensure that all environmental items (for example DNS, Active Directory, LDAP/NIS are reachable via network from the NAS system) are functioning before the upgrade.

1.Determine the current version of FluidFS in NX36x0 by performing one of the following,
a.Open WebUI to the NX36x0 appliance, go to System Management - General - System Information. System version will be displayed here.

b.Open SSH connection to the NX36x0 appliance and at the CLI prompt run the command
system general info system-version view
System version = 1.0.4xx
System version = 2.0.xxxx

Note: If the version displayed in the CLI or GUI is less than the service pack version 2.0.6220, apply the service pack. To access the NX36x0 CLI from a workstation, use an SSH client, and connect to the NAS Management VIP address using admin account.

2.Download the service packfrom

3. Extract the Service Pack from the zip file.
IMPORTANT Do not rename the service pack file after you extract it from the zip

4.Follow the instructions in the Installing the Service Pack section of the Dell NX36x0 Administrators guide to upgrade your Dell NX36x0 system with the service pack .


5.To verify your system has been updated to FluidFS version 2.0.6220 repeat step 1 above.
Important Information
Please follow the instructions provided in the attached PDF file. Upon recieving the service pack file from the FluidFS upgrade team, do not rename the file after extracting from the zip file. The service pack name must be when it is uploaded to the system or the installation may fail.

Known Issues and Limitations in this Maintenance Release: The following known issues and limitations apply to the Dell NAS system with FluidFS release 2.0.6220. RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.2 Clients Mounting CIFS Shares Will Display File Attributes Incorrectly CIFS mount on RHEL 6.2 displays inconsistent file attributes data due to client side caching. This will be addressed in a subsequent maintenance release.
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