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Ownership Transfer

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Dell makes it easy to transfer the warranty and ownership of certain Dell products from one owner to another owner and from one country to another.The transfer process can take up to 7 business days for domestic transfers and up to 10 business days for international transfers.
Please note not all product types and service contract types are available for transfer outside of Purchase Country. Please review this list for the most common service contract types that are non-transferable.

Product types such as EqualLogic and Compellent for which you are requesting a transfer may be subject to licensing or other contractual restrictions which limit your rights. If this is the case for your product(s) you will be contacted by a Dell representative.

Please note: Incomplete or Incorrect details will cause a delay in processing your request and may result in a denial of the ownership transfer.

EBAY & AMAZON customers: please note that additional purchase details may be requested prior to the ownership transfer taking place

For transfers of Dell EqualLogic products, please contact EqualLogic support

If you need to register product purchased at a retail store (not purchased directly from Dell), please go to

Are you on the system now?
We can look up your computer's Service Tag and Express Service Code for you.
For (10) or more tags, please use the below Bulk transfer files.
Please note there is an International and Domestic file and ALL fields must be completed in order to process your request.
(Domestic = US to US; Int’l = all other transfer types)
If not, look up one or more systems
Service Tag * Tooltip Icon
Dell Service Tags are unique identifiers for each Dell product. A service tag is a five to seven digit alphanumeric code.
Express Service Code Tooltip Icon
An Express Service Code is a numeric conversion of a Service Tag.
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