HiveManager NG Cloud Management

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Next-generation network management

Plan, configure and deploy wired and wireless networks with cloud-based management for Dell EMC Networking switches and Aerohive APs.

Dell Networking software - HiveManager NG


HiveManager NG - Flexible network management

Flexible network management

HiveManager NG allows administrators to plan, configure and deploy wired and wireless networks and maintain complete control through a powerful cloud platform. The HiveManager NG architecture sets a new standard for simplicity and flexibility by combining:
  • Public or private cloud deployment
  • Streamlined user experience
  • Simplified troubleshooting
  • Operational intelligence
Hivemanager NG - Simplified deployment

Simplified deployment

HiveManager NG offers a simplified deployment workflow and seamless transition from demo to production, featuring:

  • Guided workflow for network policy deployment
  • Interactive step-by-step configuration assistance
  • Ability to swap simulated devices with real devices on RF planner map
  • Automatic connection to HiveManager NG for provisioning
  • Auto-provisioning for devices with network policy and firmware updates

Hivemanager NG - Streamlined configuration

Streamlined configuration

HiveManager NG facilitates device and network configuration via:

  • Device templates for switches and APs with a centralized view of all configuration objects
  • The ability to bulk edit device properties
  • The ability to back up and restore objects, inventory and configuration
  • A command-line interface for device access
Hivemanager NG - Centralized policy management

Centralized policy management

Context-aware user policies with granular and flexible control enable an optimized end-user experience via:

  • Device classification by location and client classification by location, OS type and mandatory access control (MAC) address
  • Customer application definition and multiple user profiles for each service set identifier (SSID)
  • Time-based firewall and quality of service (QoS) policy
  • Application, network and MAC Layer firewall policy rules
  • WIPS policy for rogue AP detection and mitigation
  • Security policies supporting 802.1X, WPA2 and PPSK
User-focused dashboard

User-focused dashboard

The HiveManager NG dashboard includes contextual filters to monitor assets, health status, data usage and security standpoints. Dashboard features include:

  • Key performance indicator (KPI) status cards and widgets with drill down capabilities
  • Time range slider on dashboard for historical view with 360 views of any network policy, AP, client device, user or application
  • Global search function by network policy, MAC address, serial number, user or application name
  • Seven days of historic monitoring and reporting data with Interactive Network Summary Reports and easy sharing capabilities
  • Savable contextual filters by location, SSID, policy, user profile and client OS type


Hivemanager NG - Monitoring and troubleshooting

Monitoring and troubleshooting

HiveManager NG provides real-time and historical views of devices, clients, alarms and events with the ability to act immediately from the monitor interface. Monitoring features include:

  • Device list with rich utilities for advanced configuration and investigation
  • Alarm and event lists with historical and real-time data
  • Savable and reusable filters shared across dashboard and monitor
  • Rogue AP and client monitoring, plus Maps API
  • Help-desk style interface to triage historical and real-time client problems with actionable data for easy resolutions

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