Dell من E1910H شاشة اللوحة المسطحة العريضة طراز

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Sorry, this item is not available anymore for purchase online. Please see our recommended replacement product.
تفاصيل المنتج للشاشة العريضة طراز E1910H من Dell مقاس 47 سم
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360 درجة

360 درجة


Dell E1910H Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor- At a Glance

At a Glance

The 47cm (18.5") Dell™ E1910H Monitor brings widescreen productivity to your office at a great price.
Dell E1910H Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor- Excellent Viewability

Excellent Viewability

  • The Dell E1910H Monitor features a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio that enables multiple windows and side-by-side document views to help maximize productivity.
  • 1000:1 (typical) contrast ratio delivers excellent contrast and detail.
  • Up to 1366x768 resolution helps to expand your total viewable content, reducing the need to scroll up/down or left/right.
Dell E1910H Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor- Energy Star Qualified to Save Power

Energy-Saving Design

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified to help lower your operating cost, the Dell E1910H Monitor consumes less typical power compared to a Dell 38cm (15") flat panel or a Dell 43cm (17") widescreen flat panel*.
  • Reduced halogen helps to alleviate environmental impact.

Performance Meets Value

  • Exceptional price makes the Dell E1910H Monitor an excellent choice for equipping new offices as well as upgrading from older CRTs or smaller displays.
  • Widescreen view offers advanced document-handling advantages to help boost your productivity.
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•الدعم الفني على مدار 24 ساعة طوال أيام الأسبوع وخدمة الاستبدال المتقدمة في يوم العمل التالي لمدة عام.