Dell PowerEdge 2160AS 主控台切換器詳細資料

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Dell PowerEdge 2160AS 主控台切換器

具有下列需求的管理員:需要 16 連接埠的解決方案,利用單一連線控制最多 128 個伺服器。

Dell PowerEdge 2160AS 主控台切換器


Highlighted Features

The console switches come with a choice of two Server Interface Pods (SIPs) — PS/2 or USB — to fit a variety of server needs. A SIP replaces a bulky KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) cable by converting the keyboard, monitor and mouse signals from a server and driving them up to 15 meters (50 feet) through a single Category 5 (CAT 5) cable. The SIP cable draws its power from the server and has a Keep Alive functionality that is designed to keep the server working properly with or without connectivity to the unit.

The switches enable cross-platform management using the On-Screen Configuration and Activity Reporting (OSCAR® ) interface. With the OSCAR interface, administrators can easily configure the switch system and select the different servers. Computers can be identified by unique name, electronic ID (EID) or port number, allowing users to assign unique server names.

An optional accessory to these units is the Dell Port Expansion Module (PEM), which is a passive device that can be mounted next to the railing of the rack. A PEM connects to one system port on the switch and then eight servers. With a PEM connected to each of the 16 ports on the 2160AS, the total system capacity of a 2160AS expands to 128 total servers.

Other highlights include:

  • Connectivity — features intelligent analog ports
  • Flash upgradeable — designed for future hardware compatibility
  • Flexibility — provides access and control of multiple servers from a single screen
  • Integration — works with wireless KVM (local port extension) and KVM over IP (cascading/tiering)
  • Scalability — grows with an expanding IT environment
  • Space-efficient design — occupies 0U in a Dell Rack
  • CAT 5 cabling — reduces cable bulk


  • 作業電壓:100 至 240 VAC
    電源頻率:50 至 60 Hz (自動感應)
    輸入電源:最高 40 瓦


  • 寬:42.9 公分 (16.9 英吋)
    深:16.56 公分 (6.52 英吋)
    重量:3.6 公斤 (8 磅),不含纜線


  • 作業溫度:華氏 50 至 122 度 (攝氏 10 至 40 度)
    作業溫度:華氏 -4 至 140 度 (攝氏 -20 至 60 度)


  • 透過 15 針 VGA 顯示器、PS/2 或 USB 滑鼠、PS/2 或 USB 鍵盤,提供兩條本機主控台連線
    一條序列 RS232 網路連線,最多可允許兩位使用者同時存取 KVM 交換器
    16 條 CAT 5 系統連線 (RJ-45 插孔) 透過標準 CAT 5 UTP 纜線,提供系統連接的能力