Dell Compellent FS8600

intel® xeon™
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Enhanced scalability and performance.

Next generation scale-out NAS featuring up to 3.2PB in a single namespace, industry-leading TCO and policy-based data reduction.




Product Configurations

  • FS8600 with FluidFS version 4 Specifications
    (Note: FluidFS version 4 will be available in the first half of 2015.)

    Storage arrays supported
    SC4020 or SC8000 controllers
    SCOS 6.5.3 or newer; Enterprise Manager 2015 or newer

Technical Highlights

  • NFS v3 file protocol support
    NFS over UDP and TCP, Kerberos 5 security options, UTF8 and ASCII support, NLM

    NFS v4 file protocol support
    Kerberos 5 security options, UTF8 and ASCII support, pseudo file system, locking, share modes and access control lists (ACLs)

    NFS 4.1 file protocol support
    Core features (no pNFS support), Kerberos 5 security options

    SMB file protocol support
    SMB 1.0, 2.0, 2.1 and 3
    Persistent file handles, continuous availability, SMB signing and encryption (MD5 and HMAC-SHA-256), large MTU, file leases and oplocks

    IPv6 and IPv4 protocol support for client networks
    Full support for client IPv6 and IPv4 connections, including load balancing mechanism and access control for NFS exports

    NAS volumes
    Max NAS volumes per NAS cluster: 1,024
    Max NAS volume size: as large as the file system/namespace

    Max number of CIFS shares per system: 1,024
    Max number of NFS mounts/exports per system: 1,024

    Concurrent active CIFS connections
    Max for single appliance: 5,000
    Max for a 4-appliance cluster: 20,000
    ("active" defined as clients engaging in I/O in the last 15 minutes)

    User authentication
    For CIFS clients: Kerberos 5 and NTLMv2 on Microsoft Active Directory Server
    For NFS v4, 4.1 clients: Kerberos 5

    Directory services
    Windows CIFS and NFS clients: Microsoft Active Directory 2003, 2003R2 2008R2, 2012
    Linux/UNIX clients: NIS and LDAP

    Max quotas
    Max quota rules per volume: 1,024 
    Max user quotas per system: 1,024 

    Local users
    Max number of local users per cluster: 100
    Max number of local groups per cluster: 100

    Max number of directories per appliance: 32 billion
    Max number of directories per 4-appliance cluster: 128 billion
    Max number of files in a directory: 1 million
    Max directory depth: 255

    Max file size: 16TB
    Max number of files per appliance: Unlimited
    Max number of files per 4-appliance cluster: Unlimited
    Max file name length: 512 bytes

    Redirect-on-write snapshots and thin volume cloning
    Max number of snapshots per NAS volume: 10,000
    Max number of snapshots per FS8600 system: 100,000
    Max number of snapshot policies per system: 1,024

    Asynchronous to peer FS8600 appliance(s), (client network speeds and array configurations can vary)
    Max number of replication partners (or destinations): 100
    Max number of replication policies per FS8600 system: 1,024
    Max number of simultaneous volume replications: 10 outgoing, 100 incoming
    Max volumes enabled for replication: 1,024

    NDMP backup
    Remote and three-way NDMP over Ethernet ports (backup over backend Fibre Channel not supported)
    Certified with Quest NetVault Backup 9; CommVault Simpana 9.x; Tivoli Storage Manager 6.3; Symantec NetBackup 7.x and Backup Exec 2010R3 and 2012, EMC Networker 8.0

    ICAP antivirus
    Certified with Symantec ScanEngine 5.2 and Protection Engine 7.0; McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.8 and Enterprise for Storage 1.0.2; Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 10.0; TrendMicro InterScan Web Security
    Suite 3.1

    Thin provisioning
    File-level and block-level NAS volume- or file system-level thin provisioning to oversubscribe the file system capacity visible to users

    Data reduction
    Post-process policy-based variable block (128KB +/- 64KB) data deduplication and LZPS compression per NAS volume

    Boot option
    Local controller


  • Enterprise Manager 2015 and FluidFS v4 CLI

Notification Methods

  • Compellent Phone Home


  • Primary power supply
    2 PSUs per appliance

    Backup power supply
    1 battery per controller, 2 batteries per appliance

    Input voltage
    90-264 VAC

    Output wattage

    Heat dissipation
    2446 BTU/hr

    Line frequency
    47-63 Hz

    10.5Amp at 90 VAC steady state, 5.2Amp at 180 VAC steady state


  • Capacity scalability
    Up to 3.2PB usable file capacity per NAS cluster, regardless of controller cluster size (requires two Storage Centers to reach max capacity)

    Cluster scalability
    Up to 4 FS8600 appliances (8 controllers) in a single NAS cluster


  • CPU per controller
    Dual Intel E5620 4 core / 12MB L3/ 80W / 2.4GHz

    24GB DDR3 1066 MHz per controller (48GB per appliance)


  • 8Gb FC configuration options
    Frontend and interconnect traffic (two options):
    1GbE: (2) Intel 1GbE quad-port NICs per controller, copper only, RJ-45
    10GbE: (2) Intel 10GbE dual-port NICs per controller, copper/optical, SFP+ standards

    Backend: (1) QLogic dual-port FC HBA per controller, SFP+ standards

    Switch is required; direct connect to the SAN is not supported

    10Gb iSCSI configuration options

    Frontend: (1) Intel 10GbE dual-port NIC per controller, copper/optical, SFP+ standards

    Backend and interconnect: (1) Intel 10GbE dual-port NIC per controller, copper/optical, SFP+ standards

    Switch is required; direct connect to the SAN is not supported; upgrades from FC to iSCSI or vice versa are not supported


  • Form factor

    8.64 cm (3.4 in)

    44.63 cm (17.6 in) (does not include rack flange)

    81.30 cm (32.0 in) (includes bezel and controllers installed)

    69.5 lbs. (31.5 kg)

    Rack support
    ReadyRails II static rails for tool-less mounting in 4-post racks with square or unthreaded round holes or tooled mounting in 4-post threaded-hole racks

Environmental Operating Conditions

  • Temperature
    Operating: 10° to 40°C
    Non-operating: -40°C to 70°C

    Relative Humidity
    Operating: 8% to 85% non-condensing
    Non-operating: 5% to 95% non-condensing

    Maximum Vibration
    Operating: 0.26 GRMS (5-350Hz @ 0.0002G2/Hz for 5 minutes)
    Non-operating: 1.88 GRMS @ 10-500 Hz
Dell Compellent FS8600 - Optimized platform for high-speed storage and low TCO

Optimized platform for high-speed storage and low TCO

The next generation Dell Fluid File System version 4 (FluidFS v4), with the enterprise-class FS8600, scales performance and capacity on the fly and delivers better file OPS performance at a lower price than the leading solution. Get more performance and lower TCO along with:
  • Linear performance expansion up to 494,000 max SPECsfs file OPS and 11.9 GB/sec max throughput*
  • Improved performance by using mirrored cache and automated load balancing, even as you add more data.
  • Lower costs with one of the most competitive price per performance scale-out NAS solutions available
Dell Compellent FS8600 - Best rack density of any major storage solution

Best rack density of any major storage solution

Dell Storage Center with FS8600 and SC280 enclosures, provide the best rack density of any major storage solution with 2PB raw capacity per 48U rack. Additional efficiency features include scale-out architecture , flash optimization and automated tiering along with:

  • Enhanced management of block and file data with single, intuitive interface
  • Greater storage efficiency with policy-driven, block-level deduplication and compression
  • Unencumbered capacity with NAS thin provisioning and space reclamation (UNMAP) from underlying storage pool
Dell Compellent FS8600 - Scale performance and capacity on the fly

Scale performance and capacity on the fly

Expand file storage performance and capacity within your existing storage infrastructure and transparently add drives, storage enclosures or NAS appliances needed. The flexibility of FS8600 with FluidFS v4 eliminates the need for painful and expensive forklift upgrades and delivers:

  • Improved scalability with up to 3.2PB in a single namespace with up to 16TB file size
  • Data management enhancements, including directory, user and group level quotas and automated home shares
  • Security and disaster recovery improvements, such as file system auditing, enhanced share visibilty control, and replication with different topology systems as well as support for dissimilar snapshot retention policies for source and destination volumes.
Dell Compellent FS8600 - Global services and support

Global services and support

Dell Services can help reduce IT complexity, lower costs and eliminate inefficiencies by making IT and business solutions work harder for you. The Dell Services team delivers distinctive capabilities, including Copilot support and optimization as well as full data migration solutions to facilitate consolidation from multiple file systems. Dell takes a holistic view of your needs and designs solutions for your environment and business objectives while using established delivery methods, local talent and in-depth domain knowledge to help lower your total cost of ownership.*
Dell Compellent Services

Award-winning service with over 96 percent customer satisfaction

Dell Compellent™ Copilot Support delivers proactive, comprehensive 24x7 technical support that covers the storage center infrastructure. Operating out of a state-of-the-art U.S. call center, Dell Compellent Copilot engineers continuously monitor system performance and alert customers of potential issues. Dell Compellent Copilot Support provides:
  • 24x7 access to highly trained Dell Compellent Copilot Support engineers.
  • Priority or next business day on-site response by Dell Compellent-certified technicians.
  • Priority, next business day or UPS ground delivery of replacement parts.
  • Storage system monitoring via integrated SupportAssist technology.
Dell Compellent Copilot Support enables you to choose the right level of phone support, on-site* support and parts delivery for your unique business needs. Every call is answered by a highly trained copilot engineer, who takes ownership of the entire storage infrastructure, including third-party technology partner products.

Speed of responseProtectionPremium proactive
Call center: A phone call away — Perfect for enterprise storage environments where immediate phone assistance by a highly trained support engineer is a must to speed issue resolution and avoid unplanned downtime.

On-site: Priority or next business day — Choose from priority (4/8/24-hour, depending on location) or next business day on-site* response by a Dell Compellent-certified technician.

Parts delivery: Priority or next business day
 — Choose from priority (4/8/24-hour, depending on location) or next business day parts delivery. UPS ground shipping also available.
Data management and protection
  • Warranty*: protection of hardware components.
  • Software Subscription includes perpetual software licensing for patches, updates and releases; only incur additional fees when adding new functionality or more capacity.
SupportAssist — Provides enhanced proactive support capabilities through:
  • Remote monitoring of system capacity and performance.
  • Automatic capacity threshold alerts.
  • Proactive calls from Copilot engineer to notify customer of possible issues.
  • SupportAssist only sends information about the health of your storage center back to Copilot, no customer data is ever transmitted or accessed.

Dell Compellent Services

Dell Compellent ServicesDell Services storage experts go beyond everyday administration to help you improve the performance and utilization of your Dell Compellent Storage Center system. The Dell Compellent Services portfolio provides system installation and implementation, as well as training. From disaster recovery planning to physical relocation, the Dell Services team is available to provide professional assistance when you need it.

  • Dell Compellent Deployment. Implement fast. Implement correctly. Implement once. No need for your IT staff to spend time researching correct processes and advanced configuration task sequences or purchasing the correct tools. We can reduce costs and relieve your IT department of the time-consuming implementation tasks that otherwise divert valuable IT resources from business-critical activities.

    We bring two unmatched values to every implementation: deep knowledge of our products and broad experience deploying them. We do thousands of deployments every year across the globe, in just about every type of customer environment. From this vast experience we have acquired best practices that are integrated into our processes. As a result, we are very well aware of what undocumented activity must occur to avoid mistakes. In addition to doing it right the first time, we rarely encounter situations or issues for which we are not prepared. So, you can be confident your new Dell Compellent storage system is installed properly, configured per the design specifications and that your data is migrated safely from your legacy storage system without disrupting operations or end users.

  • Dell Compellent Copilot Optimize. Through the personal assistance of a dedicated support expert, we help you improve system utilization and performance with proactive reviews, health checks and evaluations, as well as advanced configuration and software support. Ensure a highly available and optimal performing storage area network (SAN) through ongoing best practice guidance while minimizing diagnostic troubleshooting and reducing service calls.

Training Services                                                                                                                                 

Dell Education Services
Decrease downtime, improve utilization and ensure business continuity with storage training from Dell Education Services. With Compellent training from Dell, Compellent Administrators will learn to perform key administrative tasks for a Compellent Storage Center and effectively manage all tools associated with Storage Center operations.

Dell Storage Consulting Services
Storage consulting from Dell helps customers develop transformational strategies to meet their complex data management business needs. By engaging Dell, customers can optimize the way that data is stored, protected and managed, allowing customers to free up valuable resources, budget and time. Here are just some of the areas with which we can assist you:
  • The consolidation of storage infrastructure within one/multiple data centers
  • The optimization of storage infrastructure for virtual environments
  • The development and adoption of data protection processes or improvement of backup operational processes
  • The classification and categorization of data for storage tiering
  • The planning, design and implementation of an IT Disaster Recovery plan or simply Data Disaster Recovery
Dell ProSupport

Dell ProSupport

Explore all the ways that ProSupport services from Dell can support your business – so that you can focus on things that matter.

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