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How do you know when you need a server?

1. When you are using more than 2 computers
2. When access to information becomes increasingly important
3. When computers start to slow down
4. When employees need to run special software
5. When back-up has become a necessity
6. When your employees need secure remote access

Six reasons to buy a server:

1. Optimised infrastructure
2. Increased employee productivity
3. Easily shared information
4. Centralised IT support
5. System wide back-ups and archiving
6. Increased data security

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Introduction to Servers
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What is a server
Transition to a server
Investing in a server



       First Server Solution

  Enhanced First Server Solution

First server for collaboration, file sharing and data protection for
up to 15 users

Cost effective solution to simplify small
Business IT! File & back-office server solution for small business with 3 year ProSupport services.

- Intel® Core™ i3-2100 3.10GHz
- 4GB Memory (1x4GB), 1600MHz
- Windows Server 2012, 
  Foundation Ed
- C1 4HD - No RAID
- 500GB, SATA, 3.5-in, 7.2K RPM
  Hard Drive

- Intel® Xeon® E3-1220
- 4GB Memory (1x4GB), 1600MHz
- Windows Server 2012, Essentials Ed
- C1 4HD - No RAID
- 1x500GB, SATA, 3.5-in, 7,2K RPM

Package Price............£409
Package Price............£579



Your business is growing. So are your IT needs, Dell has the solutions for you

Your business is growing. So are your IT and server needs.

Here are some reasons why you should consider a next-level server:

    1. You are running more data intensive business applications. 
    2. You need to host large databases that require more processing power. 
    3. Data growth means you need to store increased amounts of data. 
    4. You are setting up a dedicated e-commerce site that requires security. 
    5. You have an increased number of employees using computers.

See how your business can grow with our next level servers

White paper: How Server based networks boost small businesses
How to choose your server?
Poweredge server - choosing a server

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12th Gen PowerEdge Servers
12th Gen PowerEdge Servers
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   Basic back-up solution

Keep your critical
business information safe and
efficiently managed by relialable
back-up solution featuring DELL PowerVault RD1000.

- Intel® Xeon® E5-2403 1.80GHz
- Microsoft SBS 2011, 
  Standard Edition
- 2 x 4GB Memory, 1333 MHz
- 3 x 500 GB SATA, 3.5-in,
  7.2KRPM Hard Drives
- C9 - RAID 5

Package Price............£ 239.00


Dell Virtualization can help reduce your IT costs & improve employee productivity
How do you know when you would benefit from using Virtualization?

1. When you are running various workloads on multiple servers
2. When you want to consolidate your infrastructure, keeping return on
investment in mind
3. When you plan to deploy more workloads in the future
4. When you are struggling with the management of your data, from email to
legacy data

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, then you should consider Virtualization.
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Introduction to Virtualization
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More helpful information:

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Premium Server Solution

Virtualization solution

Run multiple applications and operating systems
independently on a single server. Move workloads
easily from one virtual workspace to another.
Configure and deploy new servers in a few minutes
instead of hours. Reduce equipment and maximise
server resources.

Package Price...............£ 979.00



Your data is the most important asset. Keep it safe with Dell Data Storage Solutions

Information is the life blood of a small business. Sooner or later, whether for legal compliance or for business advantage, you will
need more space to store information such as e-mails, documents, presentations, databases, graphics, audio files and
spreadsheets. In addition, the applications that run and protect your business require a lot of disk space so you should consider
a robust storage solution to ensure data is available when required.


Here are some reasons to consider a storage solution.

1. Your data is growing and you need to store increased levels of information.
2. Legislation dictates that you need to maintain and back-up a variety of data.
3. Security concerns, such as viruses and spyware, mean vigilant back-ups
    which require more storage capacity.
4. New versions of software applications or operating systems demand more
    hard drive than their predecessors.
5. You need to mitigate the risk of business down-time in the case of a network

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Each module is 20 minutes long.
Data Storage
Data Storage
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Disk-based entry storage solution
Disk-based entry storage solution

Quick protection of all your important
information. Designed as a sensible,
affordable alternative to tape and
CD/DVD backup, the PowerVault
RD1000 is fast, user-friendly and

Tape-based entry storage solution

Optimized for single or stand-alone
servers, tape drive backup solutions
offer a low initial investment cost.
Including 5x400GB LTO-4 cartridges.

Direct attached storage array

Designed with performance in mind. Directly
connect up to 8 hosts. The MD3200
series of storage arrays effectively.
support virtual environments and
backup and recovery implementations
to provide the full storage solution.
Package Price...............£ 299.00


Package Price...............£ 1,469.00


Package Price...............£ 3,599.00 


The first integration of servers, storage, networking and management in 5U
Redefining Office IT. PowerEdge VRTX.
The first and only full integration of servers, storage, networking and management in a shared platform designed specifically for a
small office environment.

Why you should consider PowerEdge VRTX.

1. Limited office space means you need a small solution that doesn’t take up much room.
2. IT headcount is limited so you need an IT infrastructure that is easy to manage and does not require specialized installation or management expertise.
3. You have too much data that you need to store securely.
4. Workforce growth: you are connecting to more such as other offices, suppliers, customers, or the cloud.

Five Reasons to buy VRTX

1. Everything included & ready to plug in: high-performance servers, integrated storage and networking, software management.
2. Fast & easy to manage: simple to buy, deploy and manage.
3. Small & quiet but powerful: optimized, secure and sized for use in a regular office without special power or cooling.
4. Affordable: provides the performance of a datacentre – servers, storage and management – in a small affordable box.
5. Efficient & reliable: High performing and virtualized ready with the best ideas from big datacenters but thrifty in its use of electricity.

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Free training:
Each module is 20 minutes long.

Introduction to VRTX

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More helpful Information:
Learn about VRTX

› PowerEdge VRTX and AppAssure for SMBPDF
› Dell PowerEdge VRTX small biz platform for success IDG white paperPDF

PC Pro 

The PowerEdge VRTX

Winner Best Server.

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IT Pro 

The PowerEdge VRTX

IT Pro Innovation Award

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