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Alienware Alpha
Alienware Andromeda X51 Desktops
alienware x51 desktop
Alienware Andromeda X51 Desktops
Alienware Alpha Console
3.5 stars out of 5
(66 Reviews)
The Witcher 3 at 60FPS? Yep, the Alienware Alpha can do that. It’s hard to figure out what it can’t.
Alienware X51 Gaming Desktop
4.1 stars out of 5
(1703 Reviews)
Play like a pro with the Alienware X51, reengineered with optional liquid cooling and amplified graphics for the power to win the tournament.
Alienware X51
4.2 stars out of 5
(398 Reviews)
Experience epic gaming and entertainment on a compact gaming desktop available with up to 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ processors and HD graphics.
Alienware X51 R2
4.3 stars out of 5
(470 Reviews)
All the power you want in any room you choose. Connect to your monitor or big screen TV and enjoy full PC gaming performance.
Includes Premium Phone Support
Alienware Aurora r4 Desktop
Alienware Area-51
Alienware Aurora R4
4.3 stars out of 5
(391 Reviews)
Fully loaded with extreme-performance components to give you the advantage in battle and the processing power to go above and beyond the call of gaming.
Alienware Area-51 Desktop
4.5 stars out of 5
(1106 Reviews)
Innovative, iconic design. Intel® Core™ i7 X-Series processors. Incredible configuration options. It’s what powerful gaming should look like.

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