Dell Compellent SC8000 Controller Details — Data Center SAN

intel® xeon™
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High-performance, efficient and scalable Dell Compellent SAN.

Enhance storage performance, efficiency and scalability with the next-generation Dell Compellent SC8000 Storage Center Controller.

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  • Storage capacity: Up to 960 drives (3PB raw capacity) per dual-controller system; larger capacity available in clustered systems using Live Volume*
    Memory: Up to 128GB total available cache per dual-controller system; larger cache capacity available in clustered systems using Live Volume*
    2.5” drives: Up to 24 drives per SC220 expansion enclosure
    3.5” drives: Up to 12 per SC200 expansion enclosure, 84 per SC280 expansion enclosure


  • Two 2.5GHz 6-core Intel™ processors per controller


  • Per dual-controller system; multiple systems may be clustered using Live Volume*

    Front-End Connectivity
    Fibre Channel (4Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb), iSCSI (1Gb, 10Gb), FCoE (10Gb)
    Simultaneous interface support

    Maximum Front-End Ports
    16 (Fibre Channel), 10 (1Gb iSCSI), 10 (10Gb iSCSI), 10 (FCoE) per controller. NOTE: SC8000 controller can support up to 16 FC front-end ports with 4-port low-profile SAS back-end IO option.

    Back-end Connectivity
    SAS (6Gb & 3Gb), Fibre Channel (2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb)

    Maximum Back-End Ports
    16 (Fibre Channel), 20 (SAS) per controller – NOTE: No SATA ports, FC and SATA enclosures are connected to FC8 IO card.

    Fibre Channel and SATA expansion enclosures connect to SC8000 via Fibre Channel IO expansion card


  • Drive Interfaces
    SAS and NL-SAS drives. Also backwards compatible with existing Compellent Fibre Channel and SATA drives.
    Different drive types, transfer rates and rotational speeds can be mixed in same system


  • Supports RAID 0, 5, 6, RAID 10, and RAID 10 DM (Dual Mirror) Any combination of RAID levels can exist on a single Storage Center
    Multiple RAID levels can exist on the same storage tier within an array


  • Storage Controller
    Rack size: 2U
    Height: 87.3 mm (3.44 inch)
    Width: 482.4 mm (18.98 inch) with rack latches
    444 mm (17.08 inch) without rack latches
    Depth: 755.8 mm (29.75 inch) with bezel
    Weight: 19.73 kg (43.5 lbs)

    Rack Support
    ReadyRails™ II static rails for tool-less mounting in 4-post racks with square or unthreaded round holes or tooled mounting in 4-post threaded-hole racks

Environmental Operating Conditions

  • SC8000 Controller:
    Power: Dual, Redundant 750W 80 plus® Platinum certified power supplies
    Maximum Power: 425W

    Max Heat Dissipation: 1,450 BTU/hr

    Operating Temperature: 50 - 95°F (10 - 35°C)
    Non-Operating Temperature: -40 - 149°F (-40 - 65°C)
    Operating Humidity Ranges (non-condensing): Operating, 20% to 80%
    Non-Operating Humidity (non-condensing): 5% to 95%
    Inlet Type: NEMA 5-15/CS22.2, n°42


  • Controller
    FCC Class A; EN55022 Class A; EN 61000-3-2/-3-3; CISPR 22 Class A; EN55024/CISPR 24; (EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3, EN 61000-4-4, EN 61000-4-5, EN 61000-4-6, EN 61000-4-8, EN 61000-4-11); EN60950/IEC 60950 Compliant UL Listed (USA), CUL Listed (Canada), TUV Certified (Germany), CE Marking (Europe)


  • Product Safety, EMC and Environmental Datasheets
    Dell Regulatory Compliance Home Page
    Dell and the Environment


    The Dell SC8000 Storage Center Controller, SC200/SC220 Expansion Enclosures, and SC280 Dense Enclosure have earned the ENERGY STAR Data Center Storage designation. Click here to learn more about the ENERGY STAR Storage 1.0 designation*.
    Energy Star

    Multiple SC8000 arrays may be deployed in “clustered” configurations of any size using the SC Series Live Volume feature. Transparent, non-disruptive volume movement among arrays is enabled, allowing the combined capacity and cache of the entire cluster to be seamlessly utilized for maximum performance and scalability in expanding data centres.

    For example, a cluster of eight SC8000 arrays can provide a total of 7,680 drives (up to 24PB raw capacity) with over 1TB of system cache. Live Volume acts as a “storage hypervisor,” preserving server-side mappings as users quickly redistribute workloads among any number of additional controller pairs without I/O interruption. Best of all, the SC Series Volume Advisor feature recommends the best initial data placement within the cluster when new volumes are created, constantly monitoring all arrays to proactively recommend optimization changes as needed over time, based on customizable performance and capacity policies.

Automatic data tiering

Storage Center 6.4 Data Progression has been enhanced to support multiple tiers of SSDs, which ensures that all writes go into Tier 1, RAID 10, SLC SSDs for increased performance. Additionally, Data Progression moves read-only data to Tier 2, RAID 5, MLC SSDs to ensure cost-optimized read performance and free up Tier 1 for writes. This provides built-in, extremely granular intelligence that automatically tiers data and optimizes performance while still protecting your data. SC6.4 Data Progression dynamically moves data between SSD tiers within the flash-optimized SC220 solution and places inactive data on the high capacity HDD drives within the SC220, SC200 or the ultradense SC280 enclosures, all within a single array.

Dell/Compellent Storage Center SAN: Intelligent, automated software

Dell/Compellent Storage Center SAN: Dynamic Capacity: thin provisioning

Dynamic Capacity: thin provisioning

Built into every Dell Compellent Storage Center system, thin provisioning delivers efficient storage utilization. Our advanced thin provisioning, called Dynamic Capacity, completely separates storage allocation from utilization, enabling users to allocate any size volume up front yet only consume physical capacity on write. You can even reclaim capacity that is no longer in use by applications, automatically reduce the space needed for virtual OS volumes and convert traditional volumes on existing storage to thin-provisioned capacity.

Data Progression: Automated tiered storage

Based on actual use and performance requirements, Dell Compellent Data Progression automatically classifies and migrates data to the optimum tier and RAID level. All new data is written to Tier 1, RAID 10, for the highest write performance, yet snapshots automatically move to the lowest tier and most cost-effective RAID level within 24 hours. The most active blocks of data remain on high-performance SSD, Fiber Channel or SAS drives, while inactive blocks dynamically migrate to lower-cost, high-capacity NL-SAS drives. With Data Progression, organizations can dramatically reduce ongoing costs of storage.

Data Instant Replay: Space-efficient snapshots

Dell Compellent Data Instant Replay enables organizations to take thousands of continuous snapshots to speed recovery to any point in time. Fluid Data technology doesn’t require full-volume clones — not even to provide a base snapshot. Instead, after first write an initial snapshot is taken of that write data only. Subsequently, only incremental changes in data are captured and the system uses real-time intelligence to create virtual pointers between all associated blocks. Stored on lower-cost drives to free up Tier 1 capacity, in most cases these readable/writable snapshots can be used to recover any size volume to any server in less than 10 seconds.

Remote Instant Replay: Thin replication

Dell Compellent thin replication technology, called Remote Instant Replay, leverages space-efficient snapshots between local and remote sites to deliver a cost-effective disaster recovery solution. After initial site synchronization, only incremental changes in data need to be replicated regularly, cutting hardware, bandwidth and administration costs. You can choose between replicating data over Fiber Channel or native IP connections, depending on your unique business requirements.

Live Volume: Dynamic business continuity

Dell Compellent Live Volume enables organizations to move volumes on demand between Storage Center arrays within a local storage grid. All migration occurs transparently while applications remain online. And the functionality is fully integrated into the virtualized storage platform, eliminating the need for additional hardware or server-side agents. Live Volume supports any virtualized server environment. In fact, migrated volumes automatically map to associated hosts regardless of physical location to Dell complement leading virtual machine movement engines.

Dell Compellent Storage Center: Live Volume: dynamic business continuity

Storage Center GUI: Intuitive management

Dell Compellent Storage Center features a unified, point-and-click interface that cuts administration time and eliminates the need for specialized skills. The intuitive interface automates repetitive, time-consuming tasks so data center staff can focus on other important projects. Complex allocation, configuration and administration functions are easily accomplished with wizards to guide the process. And comprehensive Support Assist capabilities deliver remote, diagnostic and monitoring tools coupled with automated alert and notification services.

Enterprise Manager: Enterprise storage management

Enterprise Manager simplifies storage resource management by providing comprehensive monitoring and management of all local and remote Dell Compellent Storage Center systems. You can gain instant visibility and control of a multi-terabyte, multilocation environment, streamlining administration and reducing operating costs. Configure and verify remote replication processes, monitor storage capacity and disk utilization in real time, and generate comprehensive storage usage and performance reports — all from a single pane of glass.

Data Center Automation: Technology partner integration

With aggressive platform integration, ongoing interoperability testing and collaborative design efforts, Dell Compellent delivers best-of-breed data center automation for industry-leading applications. Dell Compellent has a vast array of integration points with VMware® to manage storage and virtual machines together including a vSphere™ plug-in, a vCenter™ SRM adapter and VAAI plug-in support.The Storage Center Command Set for Windows PowerShell streamlines system management with an intuitive scripting interface. Replay Manager provides consistent, automated backup and restore for Microsoft® Exchange, SQL Server® and Hyper-V™ data. These certified and validated platforms ensure seamless interoperability and support.
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