Dell Metered Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

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Intel core
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Keep your eye on the power supply

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Monitor your data center’s rack-level power distribution on-site or remotely with the Dell™ Metered PDU.

  • Easy to install: The Dell™  Metered PDU snaps right into most racks for a truly tool-free installation.
  • LED and LCD display options: LED versions provide a 2-digit display on the PDU while LCD versions have a fully featured, dual-color backlit LCD for more detailed information at a glance.
  • Precise configuration: Make sure your purchase is ideal for your needs by visiting www.dellpdu.com for in-depth system-configuration guidance.

Dell Metered PDU

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Dell Metered PDU - Features

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 Dell Metered PDU

More than just power in and power out

The Dell Metered PDU is a standalone power-distribution device that provides real-time remote monitoring of connected loads and features user-defined alarms to warn of potential circuit overloads.

Dell Metered PDU - More than just power in and power out
Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility

Gain real-time equipment connectivity and load-balancing guidance through the local metering display with user-defined LED or LCD alarm warning indicator.
Advanced LCD option

Advanced LCD option

In addition to the standard overload warning LED, opt for a backlit, two-color LCD that displays advanced power calculations by phase and PDU.
Industry standard sockets

Industry standard sockets

Employ the C(13) and C(19) sockets as a robust and streamlined solution for medium- and high-density IT environments.
Simple and flexible design

Simple and flexible design

Vertical PDUs can be installed without tools, utilizing button mounting in the rear trays of Dell racks. The PDU can also be rotated 90 degrees to help with cable management.
 Dell Metered PDU - Take Control

Take Control

Gain control of your power usage through comprehensive and flexible monitoring capabilities:

  • Continuously measure and record power consumption so that you can manage power more effectively and prevent tripped circuits.
  • Using secure Web, SNMP or Telnet interfaces, remote administrators can monitor power consumption, pinpoint potential trouble spots and track environmental conditions. 
  • Dell Metered PDUs integrate with KVM systems and the Dell Management Console for an organized view of your power usage.
  • Logs of power utilization trends enable more informed planning decisions.
  • Choose single- or three-phase models of the Dell Metered PDU to support power requirements from 1kW to 22kW.

Suministre energía a su centro de datos con confianza

Vigile el entorno de racks del equipo, con opciones que incluyen temperatura conveniente, puerto de sensor de humedad y entradas de contacto seco integradas.

Creada y respaldada por Dell

Creada y respaldada por Dell

La PDU medida de Dell está diseñada por Dell y tiene el respaldo de una garantía limitada de hardware de 3 años*. Es su mejor elección para los centros de datos equipados por Dell.
Seguridad sólida

Seguridad sólida

Protéjase con los protocolos de seguridad como SSL, SSH, Telnet, SNMP, FTP, SMTP, Radius y una interfaz gráfica de usuario (GUI) basada en web HTTP o HTTPS, además de dos niveles de cuentas de acceso para usuarios.
Configuraciones precisas

Configuraciones precisas

Asegúrese de que su compra sea la solución ideal para sus necesidades; para ello, visite www.dellpdu.com y obtenga orientación en profundidad sobre la configuración de sistemas.
Actualizaciones por correo electrónico

Actualizaciones por correo electrónico

Reciba informes sobre la alimentación y los parámetros ambientales y alertas automáticas cuando se hayan superado los umbrales establecidos.

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